To all teams which haven't done it yet - Please enter your keyhashes in The teamleader Keyhash topic!
If one team doesn't do this before the first League Match, the team will be given penalty points!
26.09.2016 - Here wo GO, the Season starts!

Sample ImageThe Season is planned, the Mappool is done!

Start: 26.09.2016
Mode: 6vs6+
Days: 2-Week Matchdays & NO KO-System

Mappool: All Vanilla Maps + 4 Custom Maps 
Vanilla Maps: All (except: Coral Sea, Phillippinnes, Omaha Beach and Battle of Britain)
Custom Maps: Bastogne Vii, Marokko, Winter Cross, Frozen Shield

We wish every Team good luck! 
21.09.2016 - Mappool ready!

Sample ImageDear Community,

the Adminteam has finished voting the 4 additional custom Maps for the Season 2016/17 Mappool.
Every active Admin has given 4 Votes for the Maps. To point it out, not every Admin has voted for these Maps, but it was a democratical vote and the majority has won. We checked many maps in the past days and discussed about them by giving pro- and contra-arguments. In the end every Admin had to vote.

Here is the official Mappool for the Season 16/17:

- All Vanilla Maps ( except Coral Sea, Omaha Beach, Phillipinnes and Battle of Britain )

- Operation Marokko (new Version), Battle For Bastogne vii, Winter Cross and Frozen Shield

Client Download links in "maps". Server map files will be provided to server maintainers seperately.
21.09.2016 - Sign IN Closed

Sample ImageSign IN for Season 16/17 is closed!

The Sign IN Period for the upcoming Season is closed. 
We will now start forming the timetable and matches. 

The Start of the first matchday is 26.09.2016.

Hint to ALL Teamleaders:

Please prepare your Hashkeys in time!
Not given or wrong hashkeys will lead to punishment for the player(s) and/or Teams!
19.09.2016 - Season is over! 

Sample ImageThe Season is done!

Great Battles have been played. Intense and very close ones!
It was a really great fight for the first places between many good Teams.

Some Teams surpassed theirself, some Teams have won against favorites.
In the end there is a great season with nice battles. A Season on new playgrounds,
chances for every Team with new tactics and abilities and a great final matchday.

Such an intense and close season we had never before and so we can point out, that it was 
a great one. 

With this news, we want to celebrate this season and congratulate especially the winner of the Season:

1. Place and winner of this Season: tamplier! 
2. Place: inVictus
3. Place: TNS

Also congratulation to the second place inVictus and the third one to TNS. It was close, especially the fight for place 1 was judged by won rounds!
Image 15.09.2016 - Awards for Summer 2016


The Naked Soldiers

Image 15.09.2016 - Awards for Season 2016


Bad Man Clan
The Naked Soldiers

13.09.2016 - New Custom maps in downloads

We guess, introducing new maps in the news is also a good idea.

CLIENT and server download links updated (along with youtube and minimaplinks), in Downloads - Maps. Make sure you get the maps from there cause those are the "official" map versions.
Server owners or maintainers will receive a small pool of server maps to upload on their servers.
09.09.2016 - Rulechange & Vote

Sample ImageAs we have announced earlier, we will introduce a Rulechange at this point.
The following Rule is written down:

Rulechange in General Rules § 5.4b Spectators / Casters / Recorders

Spectators / Casters are allowed if both Teams agree. If one Team doesn`t accept, Spectators / Casters / Recording are forbidden.
If both teams agree to a stream, they also accept that the caster is allowed to switch teams within the war at any time by using the well known console command. He is not allowed to spawn & kill himself.

The use of these console commands is only allowed to be done by the streamer while he streams a match live. Players of any kind ( Spectators, Recorders or active Players ) are not allowed to use these console commands. Abuse will lead to punishment for the player and/or the team he belongs to.
 Sample ImageWe have also introduced now a Vote in Teamleaders-Forum.

Every Teamleader shall vote for one of the 2 possible Answers due to the Mappool:

1) All Vanilla Maps + 4 New Maps
2) Only Vanilla Maps

Deadline is 14.09.16 to vote it! Not given votes will be not counted. Every Team is allowed to give only 1 Vote!
02.09.2016 - Season 2016/17 - Here we go! + new Admin team member

Sample Image

We have expanded the SIGN In Period till 20.09.16!
The first matchday begins at 26.09.


Dear Community,

Former Jokers member, Yuki (Mitch) is going to help the admin team as technically as possible - maps/website/etc.

Next Season!: it is time to inform you about our plans for the next upcoming season!
We want to give you the possibility to play BF1942 as long as possible, so we will guarantee the start of the next season and hope that we will get enough teams to participate.

To give a bit more interest to the league, we want to give you the possibility to vote for another league system, while the season is running. 

Here the most important information:

Structure: Every 2 Weeks one Matchday
Mappool: All Vanilla Maps ( BoB, Coral Sea, Phillipines, Omaha Beach will be replaced with 4 new custom maps )
Start: 1. Matchday will be 26.09. - 09.10.16

Keyhashlist: Every Teamleader has to set in all actual Hashkeys of his members! For this season we will take care about the Hashkeys and will punish Teams/Players if the Hashkeys are entered wrong! Also follow the Rules!

SignIN: 03.09. - 09.09.16
You can sign in here.

Information about the new league system:

We will start the season first as it was always, with a normal group-system.
After the groupstage is done, we would like to give you the possibility to vote for another additional system:

Depending on the place of the Teams ( and the number of participating teams ), you will gain a spot in a KO-System:
Place 1 vs. Place 4
Place 2 vs. Place 3

Place 5 vs. Place 8
Place 6 vs. Place 7

With this System, the lower Teams get a second really good chance to play for the first places. 

Your Votes:

As mentioned, we will let you vote about it, so please give us a feedback as soon as possible.
You have to vote the following things:
1) KO-System YES or NO?
2) Mappool -> Vanilla only or custom maps too? And which pool, only not taken maps yet or all maps?
3) Mappool pick -> By admins or by teams? 

For these Votes we will introduce a Forum Thread in "Teamleaders - Forum"

04.08.2016 - Summer 2016, Toujane Tunisia - Camping

Active Image Important!

Since this map has been causing some problems for some players, we decided to make the map clear regarding camping. In gameplay rules we added map pictures in the bottom showing the accepted border camping lines for both axis and allied sides!

If the enemy team steals a tank or any vehicles, and it is brought beyond the lines, you cannot destroy it, since it is not an active target anymore (unless it fires at you!).

Just for your information, this "stealing" rule has been there for quite some time now regarding all maps.

Toujane Allied Camping Border Line
Toujane Axis Camping Border Line
01.08.2016 - Summer 2016, Change to 1 Week Period!

Active Image Important!

From now on, we have decided to reduce the time of playing a war for this event!
Every Match leads now 1 Week, instead of 2 Weeks.

This also leads to the fact, that the maps have to be set latest till Tuesday 12 o Clock CET of every week! Please make sure to set the map in time, otherwise you will have to play a random map, if the opponent doesn't agree to change it! 
16.07.2016 - 2016 Mappoool fixes - Summary

Sample Image The following maps have been changed, in order to provide a better gaming experience.

Giza - Slow ticket bleed (from fast bleed)

Battle Mountain - Tickets allies-axis 200-200, slower bleed (from 500-500, fast bleed)

Ramelle - increased outbounds of area at the sides of the map (you could use a tank to accross the river at the edges of the map to backstab the south flag)

Battle of Hurtgen Forest - Tickets Allies-Axis 210-200, faster ticket bleed (Tickets were higher for allies, it was around 240, and slower bleed)

Cassino Vanilla - Tickets Allies-Axis 220-200 (it was around 120-100)

Korsun - Allies-Axis tickes 280-240, 6 secs / 1 ticket ticket bleed for allied (It was easier for axis with the previous setting, they had to hold off 1 allied attack to have equal tickets, now it should be harder since with the current settings allies can have 2-3 attacks until the tickets are equal)
14.07.2016 - SummerSeason 2016 Update

The start of the summer 2016 season is imminent. For those teams who haven't done it yet: Please make sure you post your keyhashes.

Update regarding the next season:

- The 2 total new maps would be: Operation Marokko by Mitch, And battle for Fukuyama by b2k.
Download links will be provided soon. Both new maps will be renamed to have a final name in their name in order to distribute them more effectively.

Fear will upload the 2 new maps to BmC, lop, TL, FG, CBS, Invictus, Tamplier servers.
SoH, pas42 and GUN have to upload the maps by themselves.

- There is gonna be free mapchoice, we found set maps unfair because 2 maps wouldn't be played by each team in one specific matchday. This is because of 9 teams.

For Technical Reasons Two tables have been published already, Please don't touch them yet.
05.07.2016 - SummerSeason 2016

Dear Community,

with this News we inform you about two Changes regarding the upcoming SummerSeason:

1) We have moved the Start of the Season to 18.07.2016.
You are able to sign in until 13.07.2016

2) We offer you the Mappool. Additional to this named mappool, we will add 2 other maps we haven`t chosen yet. We want to test some maps as Marokko, Urban, Crossroad and some others to set the into the pool. This given pool is not definitely set. it could be changed a bit, but the most ones will stay. We have tried to make a good mix of plane, inf, tank and of old and new maps which fit for 6vs6+:

Mappool ( 18 Maps overall ):

304 Fields of The Fallen 
UN Ihantala 
Battle of Hurtgen Forest
Battle For Korsun
Battle Mountain
Toujane Tunisia
Hells Highway
Battle of Africa
Cassino Vanilla
Karden Khaos
Battle For Marokko sixonsix vii (Mitch's map)
Battle for Fukuyama sixonsix (B2k's map)
27.06.2016 - New Custom Map League 2016


Dear Community,

the current season is getting to the end. The last Battles will be done soon and the Championship will be judged.
But this means: Time for the next big Level!

The Admins are happy to introduce the next custom map league! 
Fight on new maps in great battles to win the league!

Here the main information:

1) 6vs6+ as Standart
2) One Group, One Match against every Team - 2 Week Period
3) League-System
4) Maps set by Admins
5) New Mappool existing of 50% comeplety new maps, and 50% maps which haven`t been played since ages ( if possible )

Start of the Event:
Expected end: September/November

The period of sign-in has been changed to 27.06.2016 - 13.07.2016

Topic to discuss:

Sign in here:

Keyhash topic in the Teamleader section, coleaders and leaders can only see it!
03.06.2016 - Awards for Inf/Tank cup 2013

The following awards have been added to the teamrosters for their performances in 2013 Inf/Tank Cup. Congratulations to the winner. Sorry for the very long delay.


Senatus PopulusQue Romanus
The Naked Soldiers


01.06.2016 - New Custom Maps!

ImageDear Community,

the end of the current season is coming closer. This means, we have to think about the next event while summer. As you can read in Forum, there are some good ideas.

But i guess many see it the same way: Always the same maps are getting boring from time to time. So, we want to change this! Of cause we have a nice and big mappool, but new stuff can`t be wrong.

With this news we want to ask for your help in organizing new maps for the community.

So please feel free to open a Thread in Forum "Maps" with short descriptions and if possible screenshots of new custom maps.

It would be also nice if the community could test custom maps, for example in one of the nice public wars. 

Please help us in getting new good custom maps!
10.05.2016 - Interview Gue and Dary

Dear Community,

you have seen the Stream. You have seen the Match BMC vs. pas42. To recap this match, we have talked to the Teamleaders of both clans to get a short interview.

Interview with Gue from BMC

Hello Gue, nice to see you and congretulationsto the nice game. Give us a short summary about your feelings directly after the match. 

Pas42 is always a tough opponent. We knew they would be very motivated to play against us. Both clans have a long history together and many players know eachother well. I was proud on my team about how they performed on Gazala, we got into our game, and didnt offer the enemy much space to get into theirs. Berlin first round we also played good. Allied is always hard on UN. Maybe I dont agree with my own mapchoice, but I underperformed huge on UN myself.  When I play bad, I always find it hard to judge objectively if the enemy was good or not.

And your feelings while the game was running?

I like the feeling of entering the Battlefield. Its a ancient feeling I guess, of going to war. I really enjoy just the sense and the thrill of going to battle with my squad, to know that the shit is going to get real. Against harder opponents the thrill is more there, cause you have to play your A game, and play more on the edge. For me the best feeling in the game is the start of the game... when the squad is ready, and we head out of base into war. I enjoy the feeling I get when I look around, and see our Bad Men just roll out, into positions. Often I get the feeling that it is going to be a good.  
The game itself: I had faith after the first round of UN, which we tryed to play very aggresive, that we would get 2 points. We didnt care if it would be 2:0 or 2:1. Gazala, I was glad that we could start Axis, cause I had a lot of confidence in our Axis approach, of gaining a lot of Air and I could use a good composition of pilots for this one. I also had the gut feeling pas wouldnt check abandoned. Often I mix gut feeling in with strat. 
During the Match, we can also talk about strat. The original strat: had none of our Spits @ allied to check Abandoned airfield, but Qlimax brought it as idea @ round start. My gut feeling was pas42 could try to do the same as we did first round: get up a lot of Air. Cause they could see at first round, that it had worked out pretty good. So, we decided we wanted to deny them the oppurtunity which we have had: which was to get up 2 Spits from Abandoned fast. So then Qlimax did check out Abandoned Airfield from the start, while originally we didnt have it planned. Stuff like this -as you can imagine- is a strong point from bmc.

How was your preperation for this game? It was moved, so much time, how you have used it?

We came into this Match pretty bad prepared. Tact and Lineup was a rushed project,I fastly made it 1 hour before match, if not less. So noone knew who would play exactly, including myself. There is not always much time due to work and life to prepare good, but we make the best of it.  The lack of time put into tact and lineup was compensated by the approach of the guys to train themselves ready for the match.  19.30 most guys that played where coming online or where already flying/infing.

It was a great game, streamed by denny andramjet. It was intense, especially on berlin. Have you predicted such a fight on thisinfmap? 

Allied side usually sucks. What I said before, I find it hard to predict how strong the enemy really was, when I play mediocre, or in this case, bad. I didnt have a prediction going into UN. Its no use. You know when you start UN that it will be a chaotic hard fought battle, with lots of nades and a quick pace. I did know that we wanted to start Axis, cause its easyier, and I tryed to rally the Team into playing really aggresive, I thought it was required. 
And in-game I seek a certain mindset. If we are behind, so what. Choices. The worst thing you can do is to let it get to you. Focus on what you can achieve, try to push into a flag, and to score the critical hit, and if that fails, you at least have tryed to give it what you had. Its this kind of mentality I seek in bmc players.  
I can also imagine btw, -and also hear it when I listen to the cast:- we are not the ''fan favourites''.  
In some odd way its a compliment to us, cause we are someone to beat I guess. I would love to be the underdog though, like in the days that we started Conquest. But thats a luxury position that we dont really have anymore.

So one last question at the end. Your next enemy will be lop. As it seems you will compete with lop for the first place. Tell us some short sentences to lop and the upcoming match.

If we can create the required time for the prepare, then they can prepare for Game. Probably they can prepare for game anyway, I hate to make it easy for a enemy team. 
Predictions who is the better clan and why are imo useless.  There are many factors that matter for a outcome. Lineups, tacts, maps, and even if guys had a busy day or not. 
Lets say that I know that they are good, and I know we can be good. We never walk away from a good fight, we go for it. I believe they have the same attitude. So we hope it will be a good battle. The odds on it are extremely high.

Thanks for your answers and good luck for the next game!

Interview with dary from pas42

Hi dary, it was a nice match. especially on berlin. Have you predicted such a close fight on this map?

Hey fishbone. Well, it always depends on the lineup and how active player are. Berlin is a very dynamic map and anything can happen, especially if you have such a good lineup as we had. BmC had an excellent start as Axis, therefore it was hard to top that round. 

And Gazala? What went wrong there? 

Almost everything went wrong and the map choice was not really the best, especially when you don't train the map. But no excuses. Congratulations to BmC, they played very well and they showed great teamplay. After you lose the banana it is hard to come back.

Bad that Gazala went not that good, but how you want to focus now to the rest of the season and especially to the next match?

A defeat is only a defeat if you don't stand up. We will be stronger for the rest of the season, cause we learned a lot from it. 

And also one last question to you: TNS - playing also for place 3, how do you see your chances to get this place?

Since TnS made some important big points against teams like BmC and lop and us, it will be very hard to get place 3. I hope to keep our team motivated to get as much points as possible. But at the end of the day the most important thing is to have fun together.

Interview by fishbone
09.05.2016 - Matchreports

The next Matchday is over and we had again really interesting Matches.

 Active Imagetampliers vs. inVictus

Chosen Maps:
Aberdeen (tampliers)
Gazala (inVictus)

First they played Aberdeen and it was an intense map. With 37:34 and 0:55 it was really close with a more lucky end for inVictus. The made the battle in a better way and have won this map overall. As second map they had to play Gazala and suddenly it wasn`t so close anymore. 56:148 and 0:181 inVictus fought very well and won this map.

In the end they won this game with 4:1 and were able to reduce the space to tampliers. 

Upcoming Matches:
inVictus -> vs. pas42
tamplier -> vs. TNS
 Active ImageGUN vs. lop

Chosen Maps:
Wake (GUN)
Stalingrad (lop)

Wake and Stalingrad, two comepletely different maps. On Wake LOP could show their skill and gameplay. Both rounds went to lop very clearly with 0:156 and 0:164. Then they went on between the houses of stalingrad. With nading, some good tankshots and intense infbattles lop was able to win this map as well. with 0:70 and 0:143 lop has won this map, too.

Let`s take a look on the table. Lop was able to stay close to BMC because of this win. with 19 points they are on place 2. but the next game will bring perhaps the decision. then bmc and lop will fight against each other. GUN stays with 2 points on the last place, but with only one win they could climb up to place 9 and then closer to the next places as well.

Upcoming Matches:
lop -> vs. BMC
GUN -> vs. TL
 Active ImageTNS vs. CBS

Chosen Maps:
Gazala (TNS)
Battle of the Bulge (CBS)

It was a hard battle for CBS. TNS is quite a good clan and they show it to them on both maps. Gazala was ended with 139:21 and 118:82. Of cause, the second round was close and this shows, that CBS is also a good team. Then they play Bulge, a really nice Tankermap. But with 169:0 and 92:0 CBS found their master in TNS. 

With a 4:0 TNS has again really good chances for the first places and a trophy. CBS on the other hand lost the near to tamplier a bit and have to try to come back again versus Fun Generation in the next match.

Upcoming Matches:
CBS -> vs. FG
TNS -> vs. tamplier
 Active ImageBMC vs. pas42

Chosen Maps:
UN Berlin (BMC)
Gazala (pas42)

Everyone who has seen the stream has also seen a well fight between two teams. First berlin was played and with nice inf battles on both sides this map seemed to become a close one. BMC wasn`t able to do the baselock but defended very well the flags. especially with clever attacks to the offence-flag they interrupted the comeback from pas42. In the end this round went to BMC with 98:0. Then the switch of the teams and now pas42 has to play axis side. it was an up and down the whole time. pas42 has won the flags, has lost the flags and were close to get stuck into their base. but then close to the end they came back and were able to get all flags and to win this round with 35:0. Next map, gazala. pas42 has chosen this map and as it seems, it was not a good choice. BMC was able to win both rounds clearly with 151:6 and 132:24.

4:1 - the result of this match. For BMC it is important to stay close to the first place. with 20 points they are staying 1 point in front of lop, their next enemy. pas42 were able to gain 1 point and for them it is also an important one to stay close to TNS and the third place. TNS has 16, pas42 has 14 Points, it could end in an interesting fight for place 3.

Upcoming Matches:
BMC -> Lop
pas42 -> inVictus 
 Active ImageTL vs. FG

Chosen Maps:
Faid Pass (TL)
Gazala (FG)

An intense match. A great match. TL and FG fighted against each other on Faid Pass and Gazala. On Faid Pass both Teams were able to gain 1 Point, but in the end FG has won the Map overall with 1:2. Then Gazala came. Fighting in the air, with all the air vehicles trying to defend and attack the dusty points it was again a really close match. Again both Teams were able to get 1 Point, and as on Faid Pass, FG were more lucky and got also the overall win at Gazala.

For FG this win was important. With this 4 Points they stick close to the other Teams. With same points as invictus they hold in the place 7, but since FG earned also 2 Points they are only 1 Point before TL on place 8. Especially for the Teams invictus and FG it could lead to a Season-Final at the end. The last match they have to fight against each other. And also TL has still to fight against invictus. We will see how it will end!

Upcoming Matches:

It is a hard battle. Matchday after matchday the teams fight for the points and the nice trophies. We will stay close to the fight, trying to get interviews from the leaders.

Your Admin-Team
written by fishbone
19.04.2016 - Casting Match BMC vs. pas42


Link to Stream:
21.04.2016 - Matchreports

We want to try to introduce again more News for matchreports and coverages. 
We will see how it will work in the future, so here is the Start.

Active ImageinVictus vs. GUN|BF

Chosen Maps:
Charkov (inVictus)
Faid Pass (GUN|BF)

The Battle was hard, the battle was really close. Charkov was really close! inVictus has won 91:83 and 85:67 against GUN the first Map. The second Map, Faid Pass, was close as well. Gun fighted hard, but then they had lost 49:78 and 88:90 against inVictus.

In the End, inVictus won 4:0 against GUN and because of this they moved up in the table. At the moment inVictus stays with 5 Points on Place 9, GUN stays with 2 Points on Place 10.

Upcoming Matches:
inVictus -> vs. tamplier 
GUN|BF -> vs. lop|
Sample Image[CBS] vs. tampliers

Chosen Maps:
Iwo Jima (CBS)
Battleaxe (tampliers)

First Iwo Jima seemed to be a close battle, one round was ended with 125:122 for tampliers. But then tampliers fighted very well and the result of the second round was then 158:21. Next map was Battleaxe. Driving with the tank in the desert, crawling through the dust, tampliers have won this map 128:0 and 102:0

As a result tampliers have won then 4:0 over CBS and stand with 11 Points on Place 5. But it is close in the table, place 4 is entered by TNS with only 12 Points and pas42 on place 3 with only 13 Points. Behind tampliers there is a bit more space, since TL are on place 6 with 6 Points. For CBS it is not that good. With 5 Points they are staying on place 7 and with TNS there is coming the next difficult enemy on their battlefield.

Upcoming Matches:
CBS -> vs. TNS
tampliers -> vs. inVictus
Sample ImageBMC vs. TNS

Chosen Maps:
Forager (BMC)
Caen (TNS)

Let`s come to the main match at this matchday! BMC vs. TNS, some of the favorites for the win of this season!
Forager was difficult for both. Both Teams could win the allied round, but in the end, BMC won it better and could get a 88:53 for this map. Next map was Battle of Caen. This map was later introduced to battlefield and is because of the PAKs and some other new vehicles a good variety to the classic maps. Both teams have fighted on caen again for every Ticket and in the end there was set the result 158:91 for BMC. TNS fighted very well and were able to gain 2 Points against BMC. This is great and could give them the advantage they will need to get in the table in front of pas42 and tampliers. 

The overall result was then 4:2 for BMC and again BMC got 4 Points to struggle for the season win. With now 16 Points they lead the table right before LOP with 15 Points. But BMC has with the next 3 Matches difficult enemies will follow. pas42, then lop and after that tampliers will try to get their wins. TNS will also struggle for the first places at the table. With currently 12 Points on place 4, they are directly behind pas42 and before tamplier, but they have already played versus all above teams and were able to gain always some points.

Upcoming Matches:
BMC -> vs. pas42
TNS -> vs. CBS
Sample ImageTL vs. pas42

Chosen Maps:
Forager (TL)
Faid Pass (pas42)

For pas42 the last matchday hasn`t went really well against TNS, so their job was now to gain again new points to struggle for the first places. The first map, forager, went with 75:0 and 154:0 good for pas42. On faid pass it was nearly the same, TL tried to came back and to struggle for a point but in the end pas42 won this map also 126:45 and 159:0.

Overall the result is then 4:0 for pas42. Because of this 4 points pas42 was able to get in front of TNS, but only 1 Point is standing between them and the difficult enemies BMC & LOP are still waiting for them. TL on the other hand loses important points to get a better position. tamplier is standing in front of them, but have now a space from 5 Points. They now have to work on it to get closer to them.

Upcoming Matches:
TL -> FG
pas42 -> BMC 
Sample Imagelop| vs. FG

Chosen Maps:
Charkov (lop|)
Aberdeen (FG)

Interesting match, nice teams, nice players on both sides. But who will be the winning team in the end?
So - Charkov has been won by lop with 155:0 and 168:0 and seemed to be a clear thing, but FG has seen their chances on Aberdeen. With real good tankers their hope was to gain points out of this match, and first it seemed to work. One round was really close with 57:0 for lop|. But then lop| turned on the speed and have won the second round 131:0.

So the overall result was 4:0 for lop| - important points for lop to stay close to BMC but they have still to fight against them and this will be an interesting match! FG on the other hand is on place 8 with 5 points and has to struggle now to get a bit space to the last places.

Upcoming Matches:
lop| -> GUN|BF
FG -> TL

So, you see, it is really close and every clan is fighting really good. You can never be sure to get points easy.
And that`s it, the first matchreport of the current season. We hope to get up a coverage every week.

Your Admin-Team
written by fishbone
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