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3. BF-League Seasons & Time of Play (What is a PCW?)


What kind of wars do we play?
- PCW - Practice clan wars/training wars
- Official League wars

We use CET - Central European Time for clan wars.

Practice Wars can bet set together with other clans by contacting to them.
PCW topic and information in the PCW category of the BF-League Forum Section.

Official League Wars have to be set by the Site-Formula (War Pages).

In what time do we have to play the League Wars?
These Wars have to been played within two weeks. Every Matchday will lead as at least 2 Weeks from the first Monday after the Matchday before.

Normal Time & Days of play at the moment:
The starting time of Clan wars is mostly between 20:30-20:50 CET and lasts until 22:30 CET on every second sunday.
Sometimes the starting time is different because it is up to the clans to arrange the date and time, but the time and dates above are the usual standards nowadays.

For more information about clan wars please read the rules.

Admins always announce the information (Sign-up deadline, Start, rules etc.) about any upcoming seasons / events. This information will be in the news, in a forum post and in the rules if the change becomes permanent. Teams can sign up at the Sign-in topic made made by admins.

The start of seasons varies cause the time of the event/season depends on a lot of things (amount of teams, or the type of the event), but the ending date of the season can be seen at the last war in the table. If it is 1 group the season can last even 3-4 months.

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