Think about the possibility of rematches, since the season might be too short.

9. What is Gamespy issue / aX Fix, X-Fire, GSC, Steam?
How do I get my server browser working?


What is Gamespy?
Gamespy was a program to search for In-game-Servers. Since EA has stopped their Support, also Gamespy doesn't work anymore. That means your in-game server browser won't work.

So how do I get the Server browser working?

The BF1942 uploaded in game files has a workable server list!

Basically, this Topic from AX community covers the most important information related to the Gamespy-down / fix topic.

BF-League topic here.

The AX Server Browser Fix Tool can be also downloaded from downloads block!

The Servers In-Game menupoint shows the servers which have been switched to the community solution of GameSpy Server replacement, the aX Master server. So that means, if you have applied the aX Fix, you will see these servers in your BF1942 server browser.


Xfire was a messenger program developed for games, but its services got shut down in June 2015. Screenshot and video taking are the only things which work with the client.

The Community and other bf42 players moved to another alternative, GSC which uses Gametracker website as its database. Imagine GSC as a handicapped xfire, since this program has been not updated for a time, but still it has a semi-working server browser and chat support.

Where can I download GSC?
Download GSC here. Download now button in the middle. It is very simple to install it.

We posted the gametracker site here, cause if you have one Gametracker account, you can use (must use it with the email you gave) to log in to GSC. If you don't have any gametracker accounts you can create one using GSC.

If you get this message: "Email is in use already" or "email in use" something like that, that means you have a gametracker account. If you don't remember its login (username and password), you need to use another email address and make a new account.

BF-League Forum Topic about GSC is here.

Using Steam instead of GSC:
Several members of the community expressed their dislike towards GSC.
Most of these members have and use Steam instead.

Detailed information about Steam is here.

It is basically a program similar to Xfire was, but with steam you can also buy games and have several other features. Games bought on Steam are known as Steam Games. To put it in other words, it is an online game webshop "combined with xfire."

League topic about Steam is here.

Where do I find the Players from this League in GSC/steam?
GSC and Steam profiles of our community and several bf1942 players are here.
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