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12. Acronyms


Acronyms being used in our community.

"50/50" - Team A map on Team A server, Team B map on Team B server

"defwin" - Default Win
It is used to describe a win you got by default, if your opponent doesn't show up. It is the opposite of a 'deflose'.
"AA" - Anti Air
"AKA / aka" - Also Known As
"ATC" - Advanced Tactical Center - Program for creating tactics in BF1942 and several other games
"atm" - At The Moment
"AWOL" - Absent Without Official Leaving
"BC42" - Battlecraft 42 - Program to create maps in BF1942.
"BF" - BattleField
"BFRM" - Battlefield Remote Manager
"BFSM" - Battlefield Server Manager
"BoS" - Battle of Sands (it's an infantry map)
"CB" - Clan Base (not played anymore)
"CET" - Central European Time
"CL" - Clan Leader
"co." - Co-Leader
"CQ" - Conquest
"CTF" - Capture the Flag
"CU" - See you
"CW" - Clan War
"DF" - Dogfight
"ETA" - Estimated Time of Arrival
"FF" - Friendly Fire
"FFM" - Fight For Middle
"FTW" - For The Win
"GG" - Good Game
"GL HF" - Good Luck, Have Fun
"GPM" - GamePlay Mode (Admin command to change to a specific mode of a map - CTF,TDM)
"H2H" - Head To Head
"HQ" - HeadQuarters
"IF" - Infantry
"k or kk" - Okay or Okay Okay
"mod" - Modification
"NP" - No Problem
"nxn" - Minimum player number is nxn, for example 6x6,7x7 etc.
"nxn+" - Minimum player number is nxn, such as 7x7, but if both clans arranged that if they have more players for the upcoming League war, they can play with more players, 8x8, 9x9 etc.
"N/A" - not applicable / not available / no answer.
"PB" - PunkBuster
"PCW" - Practice Clan War (means Training War, teams can play these wars with their own rules)
"PM" - Personal Message
"PP" - Penalty Point
"pw" - Password
"SS" - ScreenShot
"TBA" - To Be Announced
"TBC" - To Be Confirmed
"TBD" - To Be Decided
"TDM" - Team Deathmatch
"TK" - Team Kill
"TL" - Tank Ladder
"TP" - Team Play
"TS3" - TeamSpeak 3
"UN" - Up-North (They were a league just like bf-league, but they are not active anymore)
"WP" - Well Played

"4" - For (can be used with other letters - Vote 4 me)
"2" - To (can be used with other letters - H2H)
"24/7" - Always / Nonstop
"Acc" - Account
"Accts" - Accounts
"BB" - Bye Bye
"cfg" - Configuration usually a config file
"cfr." - Compare
"DL" - Download
"e.g" - For Example
"etc." - et cetera = and so one, and so forth
"FOV" - Field Of View
"JFYI" - Just For Your Information
"FPS" - First Person Shooter
"FPS" - Framerate Per Second
"FYI" - For Your Information
"GJ" - Good Job
"GN" - Good Night
"i.e" - That is
"IMHO" - In My Honest Opinion
"IMO" - In My Opinion
"LMAO" - Laughing My Ass Off
"LOL" - Lot Of laugh (it expresses laughter)
"NVM" - Nevermind
"POV" - Point Of View
"ppl" - people
"ROFL" - Rolling On Floor Laughing
"RQ" - Rage Quit
"UL" - Upload
"vii" - Version 2 (can be vi, viii etc)
"w/e" - Whatever
"w/o" - Without
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