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13. What is TeamSpeak 3?


All clans use Teamspeak 3 (free VOIP program like skype but different one), so you will need to download and learn its basics to be able to use it.
Having a microphone is compulsory in some clans (to be able to speak during clan wars), while others accept listening only in case you don't have one.
Headphones are also recommended because if you play from a laptop you can make echo in the Teamspeak channel which can be frustrating for others.

Where can I download Teamspeak 3?
You can download it from https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads.

How do I use Teamspeak 3?
To join manually, click on "connect" and write in the address. In the Game instruction FAQ, the video there shows you the use of TS3. You can also connect using hostnames. If the server is passworded, you need to ask its members for the password.
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