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15. What is meant by Client/Server maps & Vanilla/Memo/Ladder maps?


In the League, we use the original Vanilla / classical maps (1.61b patch - Client and server versions)

Important: From the Original Vanilla maps, We don't play The original Berlin, Invasion of the philippines, Omaha beach, Battle of Britain and Coral Sea because these maps are too unbalanced. The original berlin has been replaced by un_berlin. However, these afore-mentioned maps are included in the download packs.

Vanillamaps - original bf1942 maps, without any modifications. un_berlin + revised are considered special ones.

Memomaps / Custom maps - Custom maps made by other players, the terminology comes from former admin, Memofritz, who ran the first Memocup with custom maps.

Ladder maps aka Inf, Tank, DF maps - Ladder was a small competition (2x2...4x4) with these small maps.

Client maps - Players should download and use these, since these are for players.

Server maps - They are for bf1942 servers, so for server owners and maintainers.


CQ = Conquest
CTF = Capture The Flag
TDM = Team Deathmatch

Directory to put the CLIENT maps on Windows: ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels
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