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General Rules of Our League - Classic Seasons

§ 1.0 Structure of a Season

Admins will announce the new Season and the main structure of it as soon as the season has been already planned!
Before the start of every League season, there is a Sign-IN Period. In this period, every Player has to sign in to take part in the upcoming Season. Therefore, they have to fulfil some requirements. These requirements are mentioned in the rules!

Amount of Matches each Season: Depends on the amount of part taking Clans.

- Every 2 Weeks one Matchday ( Due to holidays like Christmas / Easter, the specific matchday may be extended )
- 2 Maps in each Match, both Teams choose one Map out of the active mappool
- 2 Rounds for each Map ( Teamswitch after 1st Round of a Map - Axis/Allied )
- 20 Minutes for each Round
- Every Map can be picked only one time in each Season
- Map Gamemode: Conquest (CQ) along with a few exceptions (refer to maps in Downloads!)

- Has to be done on the League Website
- All important Information for the match has to be given in the War Page (Comments)
- Teams have to accept the match by 8 days before the League War.

Mappool: The Active Mappool consists of voted Classic / Vanilla and Custom / Memo Maps for each season. Every Team has to vote for their favorite maps. The maps with the most votes will get into the active mappool for the upcoming Season. The votable Maps will be different for each Season and will be announced in News and/or Forum.
The way of voting may change as well.

Win & Awards of a Season:
- The Team with the most points wins the League
- The first three Teams will get an Award which will be placed into their Clanprofiles

Special Events / Seasons

The admin team will provide the necessary rule and mapset information for any special events or seasons should we plan to play any.

The term Memocup is sometimes regarded as a special event as well. However, The only main difference compared to the normal League season is its mapset, which only consists of memomaps. There is no real difference in its ruleset. It is also a possibility to mix Vanilla maps and Memomaps in League Seasons. Before the beginning of each season the admin team is going to clarify the mappool.

§ 1.0a Sign-up Period

The sign-up period consists of three different phases that determine which teams and with which roster they participate.

Phase 1: Nomination

Everyone will be allowed to nominate exactly one team they want to play in the next season. The X most voted teams will be guaranteed to participate in the following season. X calculates as follows: If P is the amount of players we expect to participate in the upcoming season, then X equals P divided by 10.

Phase 2: Registration

Everyone will be allowed to register for exactly one team that was nominated in phase 1. If a team was nominated by more than 12 active players they will receive a notification that their team might become too big and be potentially broken up in phase 3.

Phase 3: Enrolment

Teams with more than 12 active players might be broken up to distribute players more evenly among the teams. In such a case the admin team is supposed to find the largest possible consensus. So nobody ends up being forced to play in a team of people they don't want to play with.

Further information about player activity can be found in § 2.4 Players - Activity Regulations.

§ 1.1 Rating of Wars

During a Matchday, 2 maps are played. On each map, 2 rounds are played.

- The following applies to the outcome of the 2 rounds played on one map:
- If Team "A" wins the first round, Team "A" earns one point.
- If Team "A" wins the second round, Team "A" earns another point.
- If both teams (Team "A" and Team "B") win a round, each team earns one point. In this scenario the team having more tickets earns another point.

In case of draws, the result determined is as follows:

- If both teams are drawn in a single round, meaning both Team "A" and Team "B" finish with equal amount of tickets, each team earns one point.
- The team winning the next or previous round yields one point, due to having more total tickets of the two rounds.

This means the following score variations are possible for two rounds of one single map:

- 2:0

- 0:2

- 2:1

- 1:2

- 1:1 - Scenario #1

- 1:1 - Scenario #2

- 2:1 - one-to-one round draw scenario

- 2:2

The points collected on each map are added.
For this reason, the following final results are realistically possible after the match finishes:

- 4:0
- 0:4
- 4:1
- 1:4
- 4:2
- 2:4
- 2:2
- 3:3
- 3:2
- 2:3
- 3:1
- 1:3
- 4:3
- 3:4
- 4:4

From a technical perspective, 0:0 is also supported, however reschedule ensures that both maps are played.

Note: Disregard the results displayed on the icons of a match in the Table section, the final and correct result is shown in the Wars section.

§ 1.1a Legend Items at War Pages

There, the  yellow sphere (next to Team A e.g) means that Team A hasn't accepted anything. Same for Team B.

 A green sphere means accepting the match. So for example if Team A accepts the match, there will be a  green sphere next to Team A. Same for Team B.

 Yellow sphere will also mean that the match has been accepted by both teams. (There will be 2 yellow spheres for both teams once they have accepted). 

Once the match results have been uploaded by for example Team A, the sphere will become  green next to Team A. Same will happen to the other sphere of the opponent, once it accepts.

If a match is refused by a team, the sphere will become  red next to that team which refused. 

In the footer of the table and Wartable (WARs - matches one by one), you can also find these signs which are explained by one or two keywords.

§ 1.2 Rating of Table






1 / 0 / 0


4 / 0 / 0

400 : 10












The table is evaluated with the following priorities:

1. The Number of Collected Points = "Points"
2. The Number of Wars won = "Won Wars" (Green Values)
3. The Number of Rounds won = "Won Rounds" (Green Values)
4. The Number of Collected Tickets = "Own Tickets"

So using the example above, 400:10 means - The Number of Tickets collected (400) and The Number of Tickets lost (10).

The number of matches resulted in draw are the yellow values in "WARs". But they are non-important in the evaluation.

An example:

TL is ahead of FG cause of having more rounds won! NOT because of having more matches drawn!

Here is another example:

Pas42 and TnS had the same points, Wars won, rounds won, but pas42 was leading with collected tickets!

Special case:

If there was a final result like this (everything tied), at this point, we wouldn't have any rules stating the appropriate action/procedure, so it would be under discussion.

At this situation, the table ranking seems to be incorrect as well cause bmc has higher number of "tickets lost" than TnS has. TnS should be ahead of BmC.

Legend items from left to the right

# means the current Rank of the Team
Flag = The Flag set by the Team. EU flag is set if there are players from different countries in the same team.
Clan = The Team-Name
Dots = Showing the Matches against other Teams. The colors will be explained later.
First Number = The total amount of Wars the Team has played so far.
First colored Numbers = Shows how many Wars got won (green), lost (red) or were equal (yellow)
Next grey Number = The total amount of Round the Team has played so far.
Second colored Numbers = Shows how many Rounds got won (green), lost (red) or were equal (yellow)
Tickets = Show how many Tickets your own team (left Tickets) and how many Tickets the enemy teams (right Tickets) have collected so far.
Points = The collected Points so far

The colored dots

A Green sphere means a won match. A match is considered won if Team A achieves 3:2, 4:1, 4:2, or 4:0 against Team B. So that means Team A won the match.

A Yellow sphere means a drawn match. A match is considered drawn if Team A or B achieve 2:2 or 3:3 result against each other.

A Red sphere means a lost match, a match is considered lost if Team B achieves 2:3, 1:4, 2:4, 0:4 against Team A. So that means Team B lost the match.

However, it matters how many points the teams can get against each other even if it's a lost or won match.

A grey sphere means that the match is not prepared yet. (Unfortunately, the table was a bit bugged at this time, so some matches were shown wrong!)

A white sphere means that it's being prepared and set.

§ 1.3 Allowed/Disallowed Mods or Changes

1) Allowed Mods/Changes:
- All the tools which assist setting up the game
- Unlocking/Showing FPS
- The recommended PB Server Settings
- Hiding HUD
- Player-Nametag Fix (SiMPLE)
- Changing FOV (FieldofView)->
- Gamespy & Widescreen Fix ->
- Standalone Mods like Forgotten Hope, Desert Combat and so on.
- The files required to use the Quick Launch
- Server Shortcuts (Link has been removed, since these are obsolete)
- Streamers/casters can use the include command (associated txt files) if both teams agree to this.
2) Disallowed Mods/Changes:
- All other Modifications, which change the normal BF1942 Game behaviour and It cannot be done in the game menu.
- All other Modifications, which change Programs such as Punkbuster. (e.g pb_sleep parameter)
- SIMPLE's High Quality Mod
- Blood Patch
- Clearmod
- Anything else for which the first-two statements (right below Disallowed Mods/Changes) are true and they aren't exceptions.

§ 1.4 Cheating

Any kind of Cheating is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate punishment.
A Cheat is defined as every change at the game/configuration which cannot be done in the ingame menu with the exceptions mentioned in §1.3!

§ 1.5 Punkbuster

All War Servers which are used to play a league war on, the latest version of PunkBuster must be installed and activated. Changing Punkbuster or deactivating it will result in an immediately punishment.

§ 1.6 Change of Rules

The Admin Team is allowed to change or add/remove any Rule at any time. Changes coming from a Rule could also affect the past. As soon as a Rule Change is made, the Admin Team will inform the Community/Teams in News or in any other ways possible (Such as Forum).

§ 1.7 Admins &amp

The official Admins of this League can be found in "League Admins" in the community menu. New Admins will only get rights by the existing Admins. Therefore, they will ask Members of the Community to become an Admin or you have the possibility to ask the existing Admins to become an Admin.

§ 1.7a Admin decisions

All Admin decisions will be discussed with the existing and active Admins. Every Admin has the right to place something in this discussion or to open a new discussion. Admins decide in their own way, if the Community also take part in the discussion or not. After a period of time, Admins will decide about the case and will inform the Community about their decision. The Admin desicion is final and has to be accepted by the Community.

§ 1.8 Seasonal Council

The admin team may elect a council of three before the start of a season. The council assists the admin team in its tasks and should facilitate a better connection between the admins and the community.

§ 1.9 Ideas from Community

All Members of the Community are allowed to bring up Ideas. These ideas have to be placed in the Forum to open a discussion. Admins will have a look on the discussion and will decide about the given Idea. The Community will be informed about the final decision.

§ 2.0 Players - Allowed

- Every Player must be registered on the website.

- Every Player has to register for one of the nominated teams within the sign-up period. (See further information on sign-up period § 1.0a)

- Every Player has to keep using the same keyhash throughout a season and inform an admin or council member if it changes.

- Every Player has to accept the announced rules and has to abide them.

§ 2.1 Players - Not Allowed (Blacklist)

- Players can get onto the Blacklist for many Reasons: Cheating, Violations of Rules and so on

- If a Player is on Blacklist and he gets one of the following statuses, Semi Ban, Timed Ban, Permanent Ban.

Semi Ban: The Player can be accepted by the enemy Team, but this has to be done by Tuesday 24:00 CET of the Week when the Match is played.

Timed Ban: Players that are excluded for a mentioned period of time. Cheaters will get this timed ban for 3 Years. After 3 Years they will get into status "Semi Ban".

Permanent Ban: Players who will be excluded from League for the whole time. They will never be allowed to play in the league again!

More information in Player Blacklist.

§ 2.2 Players - Changing Teams

- Between Seasons: No restrictions apply toward registering for whichever team you would like to play for.

- Mid-Season: No restrictions apply toward leaving your team.

§ 2.2a Players - Joining a Team Mid-Season

If you want to join a team during a running season please consult with an admin or council member about this matter.
If there are no noteworthy objections you will be able to play for your respective team after a block-time of 2 weeks and have to be otherwise treated as a ringer until then.

§ 2.3 Players - Ringers

Every team has the right to ask for ringers. A ringer is a player that's not originally on the roster of the team. The opponent is entitled to deny any particular ringer if they choose to do so.

§ 2.4 Players - Activity Regulations

Any player that hasn't participated in 2 league wars in a row will be considered inactive and will therefore not count towards the 12 active players that should be targeted by all teams.

Additionally every player and their respective team leader have the ability to announce the inactivity of a player to an admin or council member.

A player will be considered active (again) if they participate in more than 33% of all league wars (as regular player or as ringer) from the point they went inactive during the current season. Any active player will count towards the 12 active players target.

§ 3.0 Participating Teams

- Every participating team has to be nominated by the players in the sign-up period.
- Every team has to announce at least 1 leader and 1 co-leader.
- Every participating team should aim for a roster of 12 active players.

§ 3.1 Participating Teams - Shared Responsibility

All participating teams share a common responsibility together with the admin team and the council to assist in an orderly and sportsmanlike season.

§ 4.0 War Server Choice

First of all, War Servers have to meet all the compulsory requirements stated in Server Settings. If a war server doesn't meet even one of these compulsory requirements, the whole match has to be played on the War server of the other team or on a neutral one.

Neutral Servers: If the above mentioned case happens, or one team thinks a neutral server is more fair pingwise for the upcoming League match, it can ask for a neutral server.
You have to set / state in War-Page (Comments) if you want to play on neutral server. Both teams have the right to ask for one specific neutral Server.

There are six kinds of possibilities regarding War Server choice:

1) Both Maps on War Server of Team A
2) Both Maps on War Server of Team B
3) 50/50 - It means the Map of Team A will be played on War Server of Team A, Map of Team B on War Server of Team B
4) 50/50 with "Mapswitch" which means Team A map on Team B War server and Team B map on Team A War server
5) "50/50 with two neutral servers" so that means Team A chooses a neutral server to play their map on, and Team B chooses a neutral server to play their map on
6) One Neutral Server for both maps. Number 6 is the standard Choice, so if both clans can`t decide totally, The match will be played on a neutral Server.

All options have to be at least considered by both teams if there is a disagreement! If the teams aren`t able to agree on a neutral server, the neutral server will be decided by the admins by considering the Server Rankings from both Teams and their say is final. Take a look at § 4.1 related to Server Ranking, however both teams are always free to talk to each other about which War server(s) they will use for both Maps.

§ 4.1 Neutral Rule - Server Ranking

Every Teamleader has to give a Server Ranking before the next Season begins. After the start of the season you aren`t allowed to change it anymore. You have to set minimum 4, maximum 5 War Servers in your Ranking, ordered from favorite War server (1) to worst War server (5). Every Clan has then his own ranking. As far as Teams aren`t able to choose a War Server on their own, the admins will decide this regarding to their Rankings. It will be choosen by the best place in ranking.

Team A Ranking: 1) Germany 2) Hungarian 3) France 4) UK-Server
Team B Ranking: 1) Hungarian 2) France 3) Germany 4) UK-Server.

As result, the Game will be played on the hungarian War server since this is the one which fits for both clans the best.

Exceptions for Changing during Season:
- War Server goes offline and it is the only one located in the ranked Country
- New War Servers located in new Countries getting involved to the League
- Your Team has got a new War Server located in a different country as it was before.
All Changes have to be made in time and by announcing it to the Admins!

§ 4.2 War Server Crash

If a War Server crashes during a War, the following rules have to be followed If both teams can't find a solution by themselves:
- 75% or more (15 Minutes or more) of a Game is over, the Round ends with the Tickets at the Time of War Server Crash.
- Less then 75% of a game is over, the Round has to be replayed completely. Both Options have to be proven by Screenshots of the score table + the tickets at the Time of the Server Crash. If the necessary Screenshot missing, a protest has to be opened.

§ 5.0 Arranging/Accepting Wars

Every War has to be accepted by Tuesday 24:00 CET of the Week when the League Match is played.

- The Match will be played on Sunday of 1st Week -> In this case, you need to accept the War on Tuesday of 1st Week
- Match will be played on Sunday of 2nd Week -> In this case, you need accept the War on Tuesday of 2nd Week. You have to talk with your enemy about the following requirements for each match:
- Which War Server(s) you will use.
- Which Day & Time you will play it.
- Which Rules you will use.
- Which Player Number you will use. ( 6x6/6x6+, 7x7/7x7+ ... )

§ 5.1 Mappicking Rule

Every Map has to be accepted by Tuesday 12:00 CET (Noon/Midday) of the Week when the Match is played. If a Team hasn`t picked their map in time, a random map will be set in. If both Teams agree, the Map can be changed then by an Admin. If the match gets moved to the upcoming week (or any future date), the maps still have to be accepted to the original schedule accordingly. Teams are always free to discuss about this if needed, however, if the deadline has passed, the autopick will happen.

§ 5.2 Allow/Disallow Blacklist Players

Every Blacklist Player has to be accepted by Tuesday 12:00 CET (Noon/Midday) of the Week when the League Match is played. If the player is not accepted, the player is not allowed to play. If the enemy team hasn`t responded in time, the player is allowed to play.

§ 5.3 Teams can`t decide the Conditions

If the Teams are not able to decide the Conditions there are some automatic implemented Rules:
- Maps will be picked automatically by the System.
- Standard Player Number is: 6x6. If the "+" is written (e.g 7x7+) it means that teams agreed to play with more players in case both teams have more players. They are free to set a maximum player number as well -> up to 15x15.
- Standard as Rules: BF42 League Rules have to be used.
- Standard Time: 20:30 CET

§ 5.4 Playing the War

You have to play the Match at the Time & Day on which both Teams have agreed. It is up to the Teams to accept if they want to move the Match to another date. If the starting of match takes too long, it can result in a punishment if it is intentional.

§ 5.4a Amount of Players

The amount of players is allowed to be increased/decreased if both Teams agree seperated for each Map. If one Team does not accept, the Player Number set at the War Page (Comments) counts. Switching the Amount of Players within one Map is not allowed.

§ 5.4b Spectators / Casters / Recording

Spectators / Casters are allowed if both Teams agree. If one Team doesn`t accept, Spectators / Casters / Recording are forbidden.
If both teams agree to a stream, they also accept that the caster is allowed to switch teams within the war at any time by using the well known console command. He is not allowed to spawn & kill himself.

The use of these console commands is only allowed to be done by the streamer while he streams a match live. Players of any kind ( Spectators, Recorders or active Players ) are not allowed to use these console commands. Abuse will lead to punishment for the player and/or the team he belongs to.

§ 5.4c Player gets disconnected / has timed Connection Problems

If a Player gets disconnected the game has to be paused. From time to time, issue unpause/pause so that the War server doesn`t crash. As soon as the Player is back and both Teams agree, the game is allowed to be unpaused.

§ 5.4d Player isn`t able to play anymore

In this case it is allowed to replace the player as soon as needed by another Player. If one Team isn`t able to replace the player, the match has to be played with the Player Number entered in War Page (Comments). The Round in which the player disconnected has to be played until the end with the player number accepted by both before war.

Example: Team A & Team B set the Player Number 7vs7 in the War page (Comments). Before the War, they both agree to play the first map with 7vs7, second with 8vs8. Suddenly at the second map, first round Team B loses one Player. The first round has to be played 8vs7 or enemy accepts to play it 7vs7 directly. Second round has to be played then with the Player Number from the War Page (Comments), so 7vs7.

§ 5.4e Restart or unfair behavior

If a Team issues restarts without agreeing with the other team, the Match can be suspended. Also bad and/or unfair behavior could result in a suspension / punishment.

§ 5.5 Accepting Results

Every Match has to be closed by entering the Tickets of each Round and giving the Screenshots of the final scoretable + tickets of each Round. The Screenshots have to be taken in a way that you can see the Time and Tickets of both Teams.
A missing Screenshot could lead to punishment. It is allowed if the enemy still accepts the Round/Match.

§ 5.6 Protests

Protests can be opened by Teamleaders, Co-Leaders and Admins in the Forum. As soon as a Team places a Protest due to any Problems of a War, the Admins will handle the Protest in an acceptable period of time. In a Protest, only the above mentioned Persons from the two Teams are allowed to discuss along with the admins. Admins are allowed to ask for explanations and proofs to reach a decision. As soon as the Admins have decided, they have to inform the Teams by writing the decision in the Protest topic. Teams are allowed to refute the protest. If the Admins then decide against the refute, both Teams have to accept the final Decision.

§ 5.7 Defwins

Admins are allowed to give Defwins to a Team if neccessary. Such a case can come up, if one of the Teams doesn't show up to a league war in time and doesn't react to the other Team. Therefore, the Team, which is waiting has to open a Protest topic. If Admins decide to give them a Defwin, the match will be counted as 4:0 with 1 Ticket for each round. However, the first option of the Teams should be talking to each other in order to avoid defwin.

§ 6.0 Bad / inappropriate Behavior

This is a League where bad behavior is not tolerated. Flaming, insulting and other bad behavior at any place of this website and in any way is strictly forbidden and will result in a punishment. It also could lead to an exclusion from the league.

§ 6.1 Forum Rules

You have the obligation to keep the Forum simple and easy. Don`t make any forum thread without any sense and write them into the correct Topic. Troll posts won't be tolerated. Repeated trolling actions can lead to a punishment.

Other kind of announcements / advertising of events (e.g FH, IS82 etc.) are allowed.

§ 6.2 Website Crash

If the League Page crashes, please arrange your wars by talking to each other in Teamspeak, Steam or discord. Play the wars and take Screenshots of the final score table + tickets. Later, if the site is up again, please enter the Results and accept the wars.

§ 6.3 Violations of announced Rules

If a Team or a Player violates any of the announced Rules under "General" or "Gameplay" it will result into Warnings or due to the heaviness of the violation to immediate punishment. It can also result in exclusion.

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