Gameplay Rules of Our League - Classic Seasons

§ 1 Pixelshooting

Pixelshooting is shooting with any kind of vehicle/weapon at a target by aiming at a fixed spot (e.g. cloud or tree)
The Sky of BF1942 is not moving, so it is possible to focus a point at the sky to hit a target far away without seeing it.
If you are still using Pixelshooting you and/or your team will get punished.

Pixelshooting is strictly forbidden!

§ 2 Basecamping / Baseraping

Basecamping is attacking an uncapturable base by shooting into the area of the uncapturable base. 
Driving into the uncapturable base is also not allowed.
Basecamping is strictly forbidden with the exceptions under § 6.

i. What is an uncapturable Base?

Every Base, which cannot be captured by the enemy Team is named as "uncapturable Base", this includes the Beach Flag on Iwo Jima and on Omaha Sector D as well.

ii. What is not an uncapturable Base?

Every Base, which can be captured or destroyed by the enemy Team, this includes Carriers / ships / submarines.

For map exceptions and special map rules, please check § 7!

iii. What are the "borders" of an uncapturable base?

It is hard to define. Please give the enemy chances to leave the Uncapturable Base.
The Admins appeal to the Teams to keep a fair distance!

§ 3 Planeraping

Planeraping describes the attack of enemy Planes on the Airfield/Carrier while they are starting.

i. Where is Planeraping forbidden?

At every uncapturable Base you are not allowed to destroy enemy Planes at the Starting Time.
The Starting Time ends as soon as the Wheels of the starting Plane are in or the Plane is far away from the uncapturable base.

§ 4 Vehicle Stealing

Stealing of Vehicles out of an uncapturable Base or any Naval Unit is strictly forbidden.
Exception: Landing Boats of any Naval Unit staying in Water are allowed to be taken since it is a "free Vehicle".
Stealing Vehicles from the normal Infield (combat zone) or other Flags is accepted.
If a vehicle is stolen and brought to an uncapturable base, it cannot be attacked anymore.

§ 5 Permitted (Allowed) Attacks

- As soon as the enemy fires out of the uncapturable Base you are allowed to attack the firing unit.
- Naval Units (Carriers, ship, submarines etc.) are allowed to be attacked and to be sunk by any Vehicle.
- Every Vehicle & Hostile Units on Naval Units are allowed to be attacked and destroyed.
- If a plane is flying through the runway of an uncapturable base in order to get ammo, it can be attacked.
- A Flak (Anti Air - AA) unit located in the main base is allowed to be attacked at any time by a bombing air-unit, even if it is empty or doesn`t fire.

§ 6 Prohibited (Disallowed) Attacks

- Getting onto any Naval Unit is forbidden (This includes its ropes as well!).
You have to leave/selfkill/suicide immidiately.
Exception: Staying on a Landing Boat.
- If a plane lands in the runway / hangar / the area of an uncapturable base, it mustn't be attacked anymore.
Same applies for tanks, and any (stolen) vehicles.

§ 7 Permitted (Allowed) "Bugs"

- Putting Expacks/Mines under a Bridge or any other Structure in order to destroy enemy infantry / vehicles etc.
- Blowing up Players on Top of Buildings.
- Destroying enemy Russian Tanks by hitting their top / hatch.
- Using Out-Bound Areas of Maps to reach another Destination at the Map.
- Throwing Grenades / Expacks through a wall angle/triangle.
- Shooting through Church Wooden Wall.
- Moving to the Top of the Stalingrad Building by using the Window-Bug.

§ 8 Prohibited (Disallowed) "Bugs"

- Up & Down Bug is strictly forbidden ( It means the constant up und down with the body ).
- Glitching is strictly forbidden ( It means reaching an area where you are unvulnerable ).
- It is not allowed to go through objects / hills etc. in any uncommon ways (glitch through) in order to reach another destination.

§ 9 Special Rules For Specific Vanilla And Custom Maps (Regarding Camping)

1) Battleaxe: Units can be attacked in front of Sandbags.
2) Iwo Jima: Beach-Flag = Uncapturable Base!
3) Cherbourg: Carrier = Uncapturable Base!
4) Omaha Sector D: The uncapturable Base is allowed to be attacked.

5) UN/BFL Berlin:
- Allied side - camping: The sandbags are considered the border.
- Axis side - camping: The small roads leading in and out the axis main base are considered the border. So you should not shoot into those roads unless the enemy is firing at you.
- It is not allowed to attack / steal any tanks if they are staying at the main base. They spawn directly at the main base flag.

6) Toujane Tunisia
The following pictures show the "accepted" camping borders. If any stolen vehicles are brought beyond these lines, you aren't allowed to attack them, unless they fire at you.

Toujane Tunisia Allied Camping Border Line

Toujane Tunisia Axis Camping Border Line

Infantry/Tank Cup Rules

§ 1 Infantry/Tank Cup Basics

The Infantry/Tank Cup is very similar to the classic BF-League Season. The only difference is its mapset, player number. There might be a difference in the structure (e.g 2 groups and final matches) which the admin team is going to clarify once this cup has been planned.

This type of competition shouldn't be confused with the Ladder. It has nothing to do with it.

§ 2 Infantry/Tank Cup Mappool

- Tank Ladder (TL) Maps
- Infantry Ladder (IF) Maps
- Dignitas Infantry, Capture The Flag (CTF) Map (evaluation is to be decided)

§ 3 Match Period of the Inf/Tank Cup

One week / Two weeks (To Be Decided)

§ 4 Player Number of the Inf/Tank Cup

Minimum 4vs4+. However if both teams agree you can play 5vs5, 6vs6..

§ 5 Taking Part in the same team or not?

You don't have to be in the same clan if you want to take part. You can stay in your "main" team's roster (which plays in the classical season) and you can join and play for an inf/tank team at the same time.
For this reason, players should provide which clans they would like to join, in order to set everything up properly, technically.

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