Ladder Rules

§ 1 Ladder Basics

"Ladder" is basically a small competition focusing on Infantry, Tank or Dogfights. This competition has nothing to do with the main "Classic" competition nor the Inf/Tank cup. It will run aside the "main" season.

By this, we mean that individual players are able to set up their own small teams, which can be an Infantry, Tank, or Dogfight team. These players are able to stay in their "main" team's rosters as well. Moreover, the ladder is not time-fixed by the admin team and there are multiple table groups. Teams are able to set up their own small ladder wars anytime in the table group they want to. (It is a kind of invitation to play a small thing). They can set up multiple wars simultaneously as well. The details of the ladder war is similar to the classic wars. Date, time, player number, servers have to be set.

It is not compulsory to play in the ladder and the war invitation can be rejected as well.

1x1 ladders are also possible, but only in the 1x1 Ladder Table groups.

Player number in the 2x2+ Table groups: Minimum 2x2+ up to maximum 6x6+.

§ 2 Ladder Mappool

The so-called "Ladder" maps are gonna be in the mappool of each Ladder Table group. This includes every "IF" maps, "DF" maps, Tank maps + Dignitas Infantry CTF, and Knife Championship. Some maps will be played in TDM. This is showed in the table group mappools.
A team cannot pick one specific map 2 times consecutively. So for your first war if you pick IF Berlin, for your upcoming war you cannot pick it again. But after that 2nd war is finished, you can pick it again.

§ 3 Participating in the Ladder

In case of 2x2+ ladder table groups:
- You will need minimum 2 members in your team. 15 members are the maximum for a team.
- There must be a teamleader, and coleaders are recommended
- The rest of ladder rules regarding participation are identical to the classic League ones.
In case of 1x1 Ladder table groups, it goes without saying.

§ 4 Gameplay of the Ladder

Many of the gameplay/general rules of the ladder are identical to the classic League season rules.
This includes cheating, camping, pixelshooting etc.
The ladder maps are prepared in a way that infantry, tank, and dogfights are emphasized (No nades).

Stealing tanks is allowed.

If one team wants to play FFA (Fight For Middle) on a specific map, it is allowed only if the other team agrees. 
If they don't, then the map has to be played "naturally".

§ 4.1 Special Ladder maps

- Dignitas Infantry CTF: Each flag counts 20 tickets. And the map is played until 10 flags are taken by 1 player. 

Not introduced yet:
Set Timelimit to 20 Minutes, each Flag counts 10 Tickets, each Kill counts 1 Ticket. The made Kills & Flags will be substracted from the enemy Tickets. Since there are no tickets, we say that both sides have 200:200 Tickets from start!

Player A has got 5 Flags, made 5 Kills = 55 Tickets
Player B has got 2 Flags, made 2 Kills = 22 Tickets

200:200 -> 178:145 - Win for Player A

All wars which where played AFTER 28.10.2016 13:20 CET have to be counted in this way!

- knife 1x1: The players can decide themselves if they want to play 2 rounds or 4 rounds. If you want to play only 2 rounds, please enter the tickets for both rounds of each map. You can also decide until how many kills you play to. (15 is acceptable)

- Dogfight maps: You are free to discuss with your opponent how you want to play the df maps especially. You can use El Alamein CTF as well, but make sure you clarify what kind of planes you want to play with.

Overally, players are allowed to discuss how they want to play their ladder matches, as long as its reasonable.

§ 5 Results of the ladder / evaluation

Teams can lose and win points by either winning or losing their wars.
These points determine their ranking in the ladder table. In case of point-tie, "won WARS" are deciding. If "won wars" are also tie, the won rounds decide.

The players' collected tickets of each war will be summed. The player with more tickets of the 4 rounds totally wins. The rest is decided by the ranking position and the number of collected tickets.

The Points of all Ladders are generated by a Formula, existing of a few factors. Some factors are for example the Tickets of the Match and the current rankings of both parttaking Players/Teams. 

§ 6 Protests regarding the ladder

We expect that all members of the league can handle this properly. If there are any problems, players and teams are expected to solve them. If 2 teams or players cannot reach to an agreement, then the players/teams should post in the forum or contact the admin team.

§ 7 Arranging Wars

All Players & Teams are free to arrange Wars. The Warlimit is currently set to 7 Wars, meaning that you can only challange another Team/Player if you play one of the old wars. To arrange the Wars, you have to talk to your enemy about time, day, maps and servers.

§ 7.1 Counting the Wars

You will earn Points by winning a war, and lose points by losing a war. The amount of points you win/lose depends on a generated formula. This formula consists of seperate factors, such as the amount of tickets & the place of you and your enemy.

Wars in Infantry, Tank and Conquest will be counted by Overall-Tickets. Wars in CTF will be counted by the taken Flags and Wars in Dogfight by the Kills. 
The Results have to be entered with screenshots as a proof.

§ 8 The Ladder Season System

In all Ladders you can play against anyone registered in that specific ladder. After 1 Month, the Ladder closes for two Days, and the reached places will converted into Points:
1. Place 10 Points
2. Place 9 Points
10. Place 1 Point

§ 8.1 Overall Ranking

Only Teams/Players will get points for the overall ranking, if they have played at least 1 War. Players/Teams which havent played any war within this month, will get no points for the overall ranking.

After 3 Months ( 3 Ladder Seasons ), these reached points will be counted together and will form a ranking of the teams/players.
The best 3 Teams/Players of each ladder will gain a Trophy, regarding the gained points of the overall ranking.

After the 1st Month, the admin team will decide, which Ladders will continue and play effectively for the overall ranking. 

§ 8.2 Equal Points after a Ladder Season or in the Overall Ranking

Is there a tie between some Players or Teams after each Ladder Season, the Players/Teams will gain the same points. The next place will stay empty then.
Is there a tie between some Players or Teams in the Overall Ranking at the end, the Players/Teams with the same points have to battle each other in an additional fight.

§ 9 Ladder Season Closed

The Countdown or News will show, when a Ladder Season ends. Regarding the Ranking, only the wars which were played and entered to the system before the countdown ended, will count! Wars after the end- time, will be deleted, points will be taken away.

§ 10 Rulechange and Ladders

The Admin-Team has always the right to change any rules, if this rule is not affecting the ladder too much in a negative way. 
Besides this, the admin team has always the right to change, close or open a Ladder by any means if necessary.

Warserver Settings And Configuration

§ 1 Basics:

This section belongs to the rules! Not keeping or respecting these rules can lead to serious consequences!

Based on the settings below, you can find a League topic here.
We have Included some BFRM pictures as well in the tables, which can be also found in the above-mentioned topic!

Version 2.0 final and 2.01 settings are the same.

Hopefully setting up the server won't take long anymore.

How ticket ratio works:

Ticket Ratio:

- 16 player server: (100% / 16) * 32 = 200%
- 18 player server: (100% / 18) * 32 = 178%
- 20 player server: (100% / 20) * 32 = 160%
- 22 player server: (100% / 22) * 32 = 145%
- 24 player server: (100% / 24) * 32 = 133%
- 26 player server: (100% / 26) * 32 = 123%
- 28 player server: (100% / 28) * 32 = 114%
- 30 player server: (100% / 30) * 32 = 106%
- 32 player server: (100% / 32) * 32 = 100%
- 34 player server: (100% / 34) * 32 = 94%
- 36 player server: (100% / 36) * 32 = 89%
- 38 player server: (100% / 38) * 32 = 84%
- 40 player server: (100% / 40) * 32 = 80%

All servers have to meet the following requirements. If something isn`t done correctly, it can result in a match suspension / punishment.

- Your Server needs the latest Version of BF1942 - So Version 1.61b
- Your Server needs the latest Serverfiles of all Maps which will be played in the current Season
- Your Server needs the latest Version of Punkbuster installed and activated. Recommended PB Settings here )
- Your Server needs to be on the latest master server
- Your Server has to be added to the Gametracker Server Database
- Your Server must have stable internet connection (acceptable pings)

- Your War Server has to be set to the following tables or the afore-mentioned pictures accordingly.

§ 2 Setting Area "Server" in Remote/Server Manager v2.01 Manager Picture
- Maximum players: 32!
- Content Check Mode:
- Coop Bot AI CPU:

*To Be Decided: Coop Bot AI CPU setting doesn't have effect on League wars. You can set it to anything you want.

§ 3 Setting Area "Game" in Remote/Server Manager v2.01 Manager Picture
- Rounds per Level: 5-10 rounds
- Round Time Limit: 20 minutes.
- Round Score Limit: 0
- Ticket Ratio:100 %!!
- Attacker Ticket Modifier:100 %
- Coop Bot Al Skill:TBD*
- Allied/Axis Ratio: 1:1
- Spawn Time: 20 seconds.
- Spawn Delay: 3 seconds.
- Start Delay: 20 seconds.
- Gravity: off
- Map Restart Delay: 10-20 sec.

*To Be Decided: Coop Bot AI skill setting doesn't have any effect on League wars, you can set it to anything you want.
You can set Round Per Level and Map Restart Delay between these values - 5-10 rounds and 10-20 seconds respectively.

§ 4 Setting Area "Friendly Fire" in Remote/Server Manager v2.01 Manager Picture
- Enable Punk Buster anti Cheat System on
- Ban/unban players in both BF and PB off
- Soldier Friendly Fire: 100 %
- Soldier Splash Damage: 100 %
- Vehicle Friendly Fire: 100 %
- Vehicle Splash Damage: 100 %
- Friendly Fire Kickback: 0 %
- Splash Damage Kickback: 0 %
- Enable TK Forgive Mode: on
- Banned players kicked for TKing off
- Punished TKs before kick no matter*
- Spawn delay TK penalty 0.0
- Auto Kick on minus score off
- Enable auto-ban off

*no matter: "Punished TKs before kick" setting has no effect if TK Forgive mode is on!

§ 5 Setting Area "Misc" in Remote/Server Manager v2.01 Manager Picture
- Enable kick player voting: off
- Enable kick team player voting: off
- Enable map voting: TBD*
- Auto Balance teams: off
- Smart team balance: off
- Voting time: TBD*
- Map Voting majority: 100%
- Kick player majority: no matter*
- Kick team player majority: no matter*
- Allow External Camera Views: on
- Allow Freelook Camera View: off
- Allow Death Camera to Skow Killer: off
- Allow Nose Camera View in Aircraft: on
- Enable Hit Indication: on
- Enable Crosshair Centerpoint: on
- Nametag Distance (normal): 100!!
- Nametag Distance (aiming): 300!!

*To be decided: You can enable mapvoting if you want ,you can adjust mapvote time and the mapvoting majority % to whatever you want. If you don't want mapvoting to be enabled, then you don't have to worry about mapvoting time and majorities. If you want mapvoting we recommend setting the mapvote majority to 100%, that means everyone has to vote yes for the change.

*no matter: Kick voting majority settings don't matter if the kick voting settings are disabled!
(Same goes for mapvote majority % if mapvoting is disabled.)

§ 6 Setting Area "Admin" in Remote/Server Manager v2.01 Manager Picture
- Enable Remote Console: on
- Enable Remote admin: TBD*
- Number Reserved Player slots: 0
- Server Reserved Slot password: empty
- Server Monitor Timer period (Seconds): 30
- Enable auto-kick on high ping: off
- Enable High-ping warnings: off
- Enable Auto-kick on banned word: off
- Start Game paused: off
- Auto-kick on banned word warnings: off
- Enable auto-announce: TBD*
- Annoucement period (min:sec): TBD*
- Enable Game event logging: on!!!!
- Enable Game event compression: TBD*
- Enable CSV logging: TBD*

*To be decided: You need Remote console to be enabled otherwise you won't be able to administrate your server.
You can enable remote admin if you want - Issuing admin commands via the in-game console.
You can enable annoucements if you want and adjust its time period at your discretion.

GAME EVENT LOGGING MUST BE ENABLED! Enabling CSV logging and event logging compression aren't necessary.
CSV logging stores statistics of players (score,frags etc.) in a CSV comma seperated file.

§ 7 Setting Area "Maps" in Remote/Server Manager v2.01

You can set any maps in the maplist in any order you want. You can enable an idle map as well.

99% of the maps are played in CQ (Conquest), although, there are few exceptions. Refer to maps in the downloads block.

Manager Picture Link about "Maps" here.

§ 8 Setting Area "Options" in Battlefield Remote Manager v2.01

Manager Picture here.

§ 9 Setting Area "Options" in Battlefield Server Manager v2.01

Manager Picture here.

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