Ladder Opens!
Written by fishboon   
26.10.2016 - Ladder Opens! Let the fight begin!

Dear Community,

as you have already noticed, we have opened the Ladder again.
You are able to play against each other in a complete free way.

Register for one of the following Ladders:
- 2vs2+ Tank
- 2vs2+ Dogfight
- 2vs2+ Inf
- 1vs1 Knife
- 1vs1 Tank
- 1vs1 Dogfight
- 1vs1 Inf
- 6vs6+ Conquest 
- 6vs6+ Capture the Flag

All Ladders follow the same System, you play against each other, and gain points for a win or lose points for a loss.
Therefor a formula has been made, which counts from a few aspects, how much points you will gain. This way, you will win for example more points, if you win vs. the 1. Place, then against the 2. Place. 

Feel free to play the Ladders. We also introduced Conquest & Capture the Flag. Conquest can be used for a kind of trainwars and Capture the Flag shall test, how interesting it is for the Teams. If CTF has much wars, we will think of a new CTF Cup next Summer. The more active the Ladders are, the longer we will let them open. 

We also think of an End-Date for a Ladder, means the first 3 Players who are staying at Date X on the Ladder-Places 1-3 could gain an award. After this the Ladder could start new or go on with the existing Points. We are not sure about this, yet.



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