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26.10.2016 - New Ladder System

Sample Image Dear Community,

we have thought about the actual Ladder and want to announce a new System with this News:

Every Ladder will go for 1 Month. In Forum or News you will always get to know, when the Ladder closes and starts again. After each Month, the best Players/Teams are able to gain Points for an overall Ranking.
After each month, the points and wars will be set to zero and the ladder starts again.

A Ladder running over 1 Month we will call "Ladder Season". You will earn points for the overall ranking by playing over 3 Ladder Seasons. After this three Seasons, the players 1-3 of the overall ranking will gain a trophy. Between every Ladder Season, we will have 2 Days break, to set the wars to zero and update the overall ranking. To have exact 3 months time, the first and last season will last a bit longer.

Points after every Month:

Place 1: 10 Points
Place 2: 9 Points
Place 10: 1 Point

The Timetable:

1. Ladder Season: From now till 30.11.
2 Days Break
2. Ladder Season: From 03.12. till 31.12.
2 Days Break
3. Ladder Season: From 03.01. till 02.02.

- Ladder ends - New Ladder Seasons could follow.

The Ladders:

Depending on the amount of parttaking players or teams, we will decide after the 1st month if the ladder will continue or will be stopped or replaced.

The Rules:

Rulechanges can be done the whole time, within a running ladder season as well, if it has not an effect on the rankings. Adjustments in rules or anything else could come up, since this first ladder season is only a try so far.




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