How to Manage Wars in the BF1942 Mini League section?


How to accept and manage a war in the BF1942 Mini League section?
Assistance to anyone who is new here is part of this cup and is being a leader of a team in it.

1. You have to be logged in to this site to do anything.

2. In order to view your war, Click on "Wars" of BF1942 Mini League section, and then Details of the war your team is involved in, in the current date/time interval. (We usually call it Matchday/League Round).

Note, You can also view wars from "Table", and clicking on the dot next to the teams, so including your team.

3. Use the comments section to discuss date/time, servers if needed, with your opponent. (Maps can be also discussed in the comments, but check step 4.)

4. Accept your map you want to play from the picklist. Accept date/time when you want to play. The opponent is supposed to confirm by accepting their map.

5. Leave player number, gametype and gamerules picklist setings as is. The Game server picklist setting also doesn't matter.(Discuss that in the comment) Also you don't have to type anything in War Server IP and password fields either.
Signing stuff also does not matter.

6. Once both teams accepted the war becomes planned. Once the war has been played, You can accept the results by entering the tickets in the ticket fields and uploading screenshots (JPG is needed!). The opponent team confirms it, and the war results have been saved.

7. You have the chance to vote for the team which you think will win.

The Clan Profile is for classical teams (TnS, BmC, Invictus etc.), not for the BF1942 Mini League teams. Ask FearofthedarkHU to add any members to the BF1942 Mini League teams and make them leaders. (It is not possible for yourselves, unfortunately, due to technical reasons.)

If you have any questions, please post here.

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