New Season info soon!
Image 27.09.2017 - Kurskayduga issue fixed

After playing the map, found some inconsistencies. Code typos which made the map behave really bad.

These are the original intended changes (Which was also forgotten to write down):

- 2 yaks, 1 ilyushin and 2 bf109s and 1 stuka instead of 3 yaks. Changed Allied plane spawn locations to prevent self-destruction of the planes because of the underground water terrain.
- Slow bleed, just as on Kursk.
- Plane spawn time for both sides is just like on vanilla maps: ~1 minute
- There can be only 3 planes (2 fighters and 1 bomber) per side at the same time on the battlefield (No 2 Ilyushins or more yaks).

Since the map was not played yet + it is an admin map, these changes shouldn't cause any problems.
Fix uploaded and updated to all packs.

Our apologies,
Admin Team
Image 10.09.2017 - Further Map Fixes

Kurskayduga - Instead of 3 yaks at the main -> 2 yaks and 1 ilyushin. Changed the spawn position of the planes, because they were getting damaged / blown up at their original spawn points. Should be ok to take off.

Hagano - if the beach flag was taken by allies, the Right hangar Allied APC blew up upon spawn. This has been fixed.

Pack updated. All changes are server side, so no action required from players other than getting any possible new maps.

Reminder: Send the vanilla mapvotes to the admin team!

Admin Team
Image 09.09.2017 - BFL Berlin Ready

The map is ready. The minimap has been fixed. We understand this is not the best looking minimap, however we think for our purposes it is good enough.

The map is considered a vanilla map for the time being until the admin team clarifies this. It requires UN Berlin otherwise it will crash. (Better to be cautious.)


Client Download Link


All the relevant packs got updated. Almost all servers got updated. Will send the newest maps to Fran to upload all the new maps + updates to GUN and TnS.

Big thanks to Mitch for the priceless help!

Admin Team
Image 05.09.2017 - Season 2017/18

Dear Community, the next season is nearly set up!

Structure: Same as the previous season
Teamsize: 7vs7+, 7 teams so 1 no match for everyone
Mapban: 3 (no matchlock)
Start: 11.09.2017.
Maps: Majorly memomaps and 6 voted vanilla maps, amount of memomaps is TBD, either 10-12-17

New maps available:

- BFL Berlin -> to be added
- Bir Hakeim (new map) -> Video, tickets, screenshot, DL Link added
- Desna River (new map) -> Video, tickets, screenshot, DL Link added
- Strasbourg (Some updates to it, client side) -> Video, tickets, screenshot, DL Link added

(Please note that, it doesn't mean that these new maps will be played next season necessarily.)

Map Update:

- Salerno Vanilla (Server Side) - Slower ticket bleed.

In all cases the server mappack has been updated.

BFL Berlin, most of you know about it already, we are thinking of replacing UN Berlin with this map. Basically it is the same as UN Berlin but now locking would be way much harder at the allied side. We also think it gives some sort of fresh to the UN Berlin map. The map is still being made.

Note that the map WILL REQUIRE UN Berlin in your levels folder, otherwise you will crash.
(UN and IF Berlin both require Berlin, which anyone who has BF1942 should have)

Admin Team
Image 05.08.2017 - Awards for Season 2017

We are proud do present the awards for our last Season 2017!!! Congratulations to the winner Lack of Players
We hope everyone has enjoyed the past season and is looking forward to the summerevent. After this summerevent we will start our Season 2017/18! We will publish some initial piece of information soon!


Lack of Players
The Naked Soldiers

Image 16.02.2017 - Awards for Season 2016/17

We would like to say a big thank you for another great and intense season. The plans for the next season are nearly done.

Start: 06.03.2017
Teamsize: 7v7+
Maps: Every team will vote for 6 Memomaps. Maps with the most votes will get into the mappool. Every teamleader has to send a PM to any admin until 27.02.2017
Ban: Every team can ban 2 maps of the whole mappool and furthermoer, the same maps can't be picked against the same opponent in this season.


Bad Man Clan
The Naked Soldiers

22.11.2016 New Information about Ladder

Sample ImageDear Community,

the first month of the Ladders are nearly done, and we have to take a look on the activity of the Ladders.
At the moment we have:

1vs1 Light Tank: No War within 2-3 Weeks
1vs1 Knife: Last War 07.11. ( Overall: 2 Wars )
1vs1 Tank: Last War 08.11. ( Overall: 35 Wars )
1vs1 INF: Last War 14.11. ( Overall: 17 Wars )
1vs1 DF: Last War 12.11. ( Overall: 2 Wars )
1vs1 Sniper: No War within 2 Weeks

2vs2 Tank: Last War 12.11. ( Overall: 3 Wars )
2vs2 INF: Last War 06.11. ( Overall: 2 Wars )

So we decided, to stop all Ladders after the countdown, except the 1vs1 Tank & INF Ladder. 
In these two ladders the first 3 Players will earn a Trophy as soon as the Countdown is over!
But there will not be the 3-Month-System we have announced before, we will only let the two Ladders open for free play.

If suddenly the activity of other ladders will raise as well, we will talk again about giving other trophys as well.
But so far the activity of the other ladders is too less to gain them a trophy. 

So we wish all players good luck and fun in trying to get one of the Trophys within the next days!

Beside that, feel free to give ideas for other ladders.
02.11.2016 - Changing of Gameplay Rules, § 5.0

Sample Image Dear Community,

actually the Paragraph § 5.0 "Arranging/Accepting Wars" says you have to accept the war latest till 24:00 CET at tuesday of the matchday. Paragraph § 5.1 "Mappicking Rule" says, you have to accept and enter maps latest till 12:00 CET (Noon/Midday), otherwise the autopick will go.

This causes some irritation, so we have changed the time from 24:00 CET to 12:00 CET as well.
Now all Deadlines are equal at 12:00 CET (Noon/Midday)

Mappicking Rule -> 12:00 CET (Noon/Midday)
Blacklisted Players -> 12:00 CET (Noon/Midday)
Accepting Wars -> 12:00 CET (Noon/Midday)

Thanks so far
26.10.2016 - New Ladder System

Sample Image Dear Community,

we have thought about the actual Ladder and want to announce a new System with this News:

Every Ladder will go for 1 Month. In Forum or News you will always get to know, when the Ladder closes and starts again. After each Month, the best Players/Teams are able to gain Points for an overall Ranking.
After each month, the points and wars will be set to zero and the ladder starts again.

A Ladder running over 1 Month we will call "Ladder Season". You will earn points for the overall ranking by playing over 3 Ladder Seasons. After this three Seasons, the players 1-3 of the overall ranking will gain a trophy. Between every Ladder Season, we will have 2 Days break, to set the wars to zero and update the overall ranking. To have exact 3 months time, the first and last season will last a bit longer.

Points after every Month:

Place 1: 10 Points
Place 2: 9 Points
Place 10: 1 Point

The Timetable:

1. Ladder Season: From now till 30.11.
2 Days Break
2. Ladder Season: From 03.12. till 31.12.
2 Days Break
3. Ladder Season: From 03.01. till 02.02.

- Ladder ends - New Ladder Seasons could follow.

The Ladders:

Depending on the amount of parttaking players or teams, we will decide after the 1st month if the ladder will continue or will be stopped or replaced.

The Rules:

Rulechanges can be done the whole time, within a running ladder season as well, if it has not an effect on the rankings. Adjustments in rules or anything else could come up, since this first ladder season is only a try so far.

26.10.2016 - Ladder Opens! Let the fight begin!

Dear Community,

as you have already noticed, we have opened the Ladder again.
You are able to play against each other in a complete free way.

Register for one of the following Ladders:
- 2vs2+ Tank
- 2vs2+ Dogfight
- 2vs2+ Inf
- 1vs1 Knife
- 1vs1 Tank
- 1vs1 Dogfight
- 1vs1 Inf
- 6vs6+ Conquest 
- 6vs6+ Capture the Flag

All Ladders follow the same System, you play against each other, and gain points for a win or lose points for a loss.
Therefor a formula has been made, which counts from a few aspects, how much points you will gain. This way, you will win for example more points, if you win vs. the 1. Place, then against the 2. Place. 

Feel free to play the Ladders. We also introduced Conquest & Capture the Flag. Conquest can be used for a kind of trainwars and Capture the Flag shall test, how interesting it is for the Teams. If CTF has much wars, we will think of a new CTF Cup next Summer. The more active the Ladders are, the longer we will let them open. 

We also think of an End-Date for a Ladder, means the first 3 Players who are staying at Date X on the Ladder-Places 1-3 could gain an award. After this the Ladder could start new or go on with the existing Points. We are not sure about this, yet.
29.09.2016 - Two New War Servers from Sweden and Ukraine + new website design

Sample ImageDear Community, lop and Tamplier have set up new War servers (tamplier a ts3 server). These servers have been added to the shortcuts and to the newly made quick launch (Thanks to Mitch for the help!.) TS3 and War Server list content have been removed.

The tamplier server shows up in the in game server list, while the lop server doesn't.
We Will try to fix that as soon as possible.

To join that server you need to either use the shortcuts or the quick launch (or manual way).

All teams are expected to provide new server rankings.
(Available countries: Germany, France, Ukraine and Sweden)

Furthermore as you might have seen, the website is being reworked. New elements and design features are being added/modified. Please direct your criticism to the forum (Topic link in top important news)!
26.09.2016 - Here wo GO, the Season starts!

Sample ImageThe Season is planned, the Mappool is done!

Start: 26.09.2016
Mode: 6vs6+
Days: 2-Week Matchdays & NO KO-System

Mappool: All Vanilla Maps + 4 Custom Maps 
Vanilla Maps: All (except: Coral Sea, Phillippinnes, Omaha Beach and Battle of Britain)
Custom Maps: Bastogne Vii, Marokko, Winter Cross, Frozen Shield

We wish every Team good luck! 



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