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      3. Matchday   Mon, 05. 02. 2018 - Sun 18. February 2018
League Table (Season 2018)        
Gemeinschaft Unabhängiger Naturtalente
Liberation of Caen
- statements -
fair opponent, no objection
worst and most unfair game ever. 
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WAR date:  
Sun, 18. February 2018 20:30
Vegrandis on server [†amplier], Liberation of Caen on server GUN|BF
neutral Gameserver:  
  BF42-Liga Rules
  Who will win this WAR? - 21 voters
  [†amplier] 15
  GUN|BF 3
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Tue, 20. February 2018 21:30
Bad joke, Knaso. Typing restart at the last minutes of a round means autoloss according to League rules. I was complaining about the other things. But I appraised your sarcasm. Next time try to win your maps fairly
  RubinultraS ([†amplier])
  Tue, 20. February 2018 16:51
make love not war guys,we lost kaens,gg hf)
  Flettnerman (Administrator)
  Tue, 20. February 2018 11:25
Change the last screen, its wrong.
  OXOTHuK ([†amplier])
  Tue, 20. February 2018 08:13
Lets stop arguing... GUN you win fair nobody doubt. There Was only one moment with pause, but after see video - no more questinos. Alex just can`t forgive u for losing. It is ok :))
  Knaso (Administrator)
  Tue, 20. February 2018 05:11
sry alex. nextime when you have a disconnect we will stop our attack and drive back till you ready.
lucky for us that we play this map on our server otherwise you would type restart instead of pause.
we know your fairplay aswell
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Mon, 19. February 2018 23:00
Say thanks to Oxo and Pedro who made me accept this s*it. Worst game ever, no fairplay at all. I am very disappointed that we have to play 1 more game vs u this season.
  OXOTHuK ([†amplier])
  Mon, 19. February 2018 20:31
* I disconnected not "we" :)
  OXOTHuK ([†amplier])
  Mon, 19. February 2018 20:30
Alex, please confirm game.. We really lost because we disconnected but it is our problems, and I see on Flat video - guys set pause after couple of seconds after sven ask.. But i was disconnected 30 sec before.
  BoCas (GUN|BF)
  Mon, 19. February 2018 20:18
So u all had fun? Nice!
  Flettnerman (Administrator)
  Mon, 19. February 2018 19:54
  Kill Machine (Administrator)
  Mon, 19. February 2018 17:36
Is this a thank to help clans out to get accused of using special "tools or "maphacks". Wtf is wrong with you? I played fair without using anything.. There is also something like Teamspeak where ppl communicate with each other to say where ppl are or might be. We play these maps already for a long time so it's not so hard to find someone. I think it was a fair game and I understand that you were hoped for a different result but this is a bit rediculous.
  pedro ([†amplier])
  Mon, 19. February 2018 14:28
flet, kakaya raznitsa 4to on delal DO na4ala machta? my zhe ne kikaem za timkily. Esli est` ego kosyaki vo vremya samoi igry to davai proofy, esli net to nahui ty voobshe eto pishesh? v4era i tak ves` 4at zaspamil etoi hernei
  Flettnerman (Administrator)
  Mon, 19. February 2018 12:58
Videos will coming soon. And yes, please tell uly to not glitch on caen like he did before match starts. And don't tell me I'm blind, I have proofs and warned him before caen's rounds about consenques for him and his team.
  pedro ([†amplier])
  Mon, 19. February 2018 10:30
just oXo haved unluck time to gamecrash
  Fran (Administrator)
  Mon, 19. February 2018 08:47
*big brigde flag
  Fran (Administrator)
  Mon, 19. February 2018 08:46
Ok i try this one more time. we already had our 2 points before we made our last attack on outpost. I already admited, that it took a tiny bit longer then it could have. Honestly i didnt even realized that someone dropped out. Believe me or not, its up to you.
About pedro. If you referring to KM get him near big bright flag, then im happy to let you know, that it was me who saw him leaving the zone and i told my guys, and it was KM AND junior looking for him. So it was not a big surprise they found hin, because i ordered them to look in that direction.
But still you might not believe me and im tired of explaining. So i simply offer that we agree to disagree.
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Mon, 19. February 2018 01:32
Not this time, Fran. U won Caens just by oxo's disconnection AND late pausing. And (probably) by some spec tools. Nowadays it's almost impossible to proove if player used maphack or didn't.

So I wait for Flettnerman' video and keep insisting on replaying the last round
  Fran (Administrator)
  Sun, 18. February 2018 23:54
U guys do know that red is not semi statused for cheating, right? Just to help you get ur facts straight. Nevermind. I can admit that it took us a while to pause. But I personally don't constantly look at the chat when I play. And after you wrote pause we reacted. It could have been a little earlier, that i admit. But we can argue that at your server you paused without saying anything before. We were surprised by that. Therefor we can either argue for ages now or just let it be and move on for the next match. All in all it was an good match. GL for your upcoming matches.
  OXOTHuK ([†amplier])
  Sun, 18. February 2018 23:52
Stop pissing off, just decide if we replay last round or not.
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Sun, 18. February 2018 23:27
Keep lying. Oxo WAS on a tank pad. We got record from Flettner and there I hope u will see who was where.

Red dragon, be so kind, confess whom have u given ur "special tools"? :)

Anyways, pause was set too late and this was not fukken ok
  OXOTHuK ([†amplier])
  Sun, 18. February 2018 23:24
junior (GUN|BF) : Flatterman save video, and as far as I remember he shooting from sexton to pad.
  OXOTHuK ([†amplier])
  Sun, 18. February 2018 23:23
I was on tank pad with full hp. After disconnect, i come and flag was white. It all what I know. But we really lost because this fkng disconnect.
  junior (GUN|BF)
  Sun, 18. February 2018 22:52
Lol Oxo wasnt at tankpad dont lie and Thanks for the fuck u from you and also thanks for the Retard Alex you are so lovely
  red_dragon (GUN|BF)
  Sun, 18. February 2018 22:48
you and your team are ridiculous, alex
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Sun, 18. February 2018 22:45
And u will loose even this 2 unfair points if I dont urge my team to continue playing on the League after this occasion
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Sun, 18. February 2018 22:43
KM found Pedro where it was impossible to find. Oxo was in tank on Pad - he got disconnected, u greyed the flag and AFTER that - paused.

Admin team can MAKE me accept this but I will never by my own
  Fran (Administrator)
  Sun, 18. February 2018 22:29
and honestly? after playing so many matches against eachother, you come with something like maphack? I dont think you mean this. Try sleep over this and tomorrow you will see things differently.
  Fran (Administrator)
  Sun, 18. February 2018 22:26
i just checked. it took 9 seconds from svens pause-chat for knaso to pause the game.
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Sun, 18. February 2018 22:15
Will not accept this cuz some of u probably got maphack and u paused after 40 seconds Oxo had got conprobs and disconnected
  Flettnerman (Administrator)
  Thu, 15. February 2018 17:07
Last war we had 5 guys + 2 ringers (Gorr and Kill Machine). Would you allow ringers from non-applyed teams and clanless guys (SoH, KM ect.)?
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Wed, 14. February 2018 20:29
Defwin? If only yours :) Ok, I understand, so u can take any proper ringer (id est BMC/LOP/TnS overpowered dudes are NOT welcome). 4 Example, E.S. or DoubTi are ok, but Viitapiru, dary, Jazzy are not.
  Fran (Administrator)
  Tue, 13. February 2018 09:29
well. then we might be less then 7. Even with red and mystel i would be happy to even have 7. Then you should consider allowing ringer. or play less then 7 or you can have a defwin.
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Mon, 12. February 2018 20:23

Mystel is allowed, red is not.
  Fran (Administrator)
  Thu, 08. February 2018 19:20
do you allow red_dragon and mystel?
  Lo0ny (Administrator)
  Thu, 11. January 2018 12:33
Mapbans are:
GUN: BFL Berlin, Tobruk, Grutz Point, Battleaxe
tamplier: Bocage, Wake, Cherbourg, Benghazi



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