4. Matchday   Mon, 01. 10. 2018 - Sun 14. October 2018
League Table (Season 2018/19)        
The Naked Soldiers
Battle of the Bulge
fair opponent, no objection
fair opponent, no objection
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WAR date:  
Sun, 21. October 2018 20:30
Battle of the Bulge on server [ćamplier], Kursk on server <TnS>
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  BF42-Liga Rules
  Who will win this WAR? - 12 voters
  [ćamplier] 1
  <TnS> 11
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Tue, 23. October 2018 13:31
Jazzy u crazy bastard why cant I blame u during the game in being a good player/cheater/anyone else? Btw being a good player is cheating in itself xD. And never compare me to Flettnerman! I am a Jedi Knight when he's from the darkest side of the Power!!!

Ok, now I'm serious: Flett's claim looks a bit awkward but I cant accept the game untill lo0ny/fear accepts or refuses it.

My suspects were more about trollling not real claims otherwise u saw them here. I was just a bit surprised by ur... clairvoyance, right? But ok, may be there were skill+luck and experience from u 2 find a black cat in a dark room :))

Nameless is the greatest noob ever.
  Flettnerman (Administrator)
  Tue, 23. October 2018 08:51
First, if I know what happening I will not type on gamechat "who bombed axis base?, so I just get to know about situation at the end of round by asking oxo, not earlier.
Second, don't compare me with alex, I have nothing against you or other TnS guys and as I said on my first message I like the match, but not rulebreaking. This's also not suspicions or my thoughts, but fact - you bombed base when there's no active vehicles whatever intentions you had. On public it's just a good reason for kick/ban and I bet if some of you guys will spawn on base and get damaged by bomb right away, you will not stay calm and continue to play like nothing happens.
  Jazzy (Administrator)
  Mon, 22. October 2018 23:03
The bomb was for the bailer of course. You happened to spawn right at the time so you took some damage. A bit annoying yes, sorry for that, but no biggie, stuff like that can happen sometimes.

Flettnerman, the way you come across this is crazy. The fact that you know what happened, but still demand a minus point for us is beyond pathetic. Same level of pathetic when Alexstamm accused me of cheating in Bulge. Very disappointing...
  sentinel (Administrator)
  Mon, 22. October 2018 19:12
omg jazzy, you missed an inf with bomber! give us -2 points, we deserve it :p XD
  Flettnerman (Administrator)
  Mon, 22. October 2018 10:15
ok, I will try to make it more clear. I spawned on base on wooden house and there's was a bomb close to the house I spawned, after that I made a screen. Seems jazzy tries to kill oxo on main but almost got me. Yes it's isnt safezone when you bail there, but there's no active vehicles on base at the moment, so there's no right to attack it with plane even when a guy bailed there.
  sentinel (Administrator)
  Mon, 22. October 2018 09:18
I dont see much from that screen, and i dont quite understand your description of the event. He killed you with illu right after you respawned, while bombing oxo? Lets wait for jazzys description
  Watchlist (<TnS>)
  Mon, 22. October 2018 00:53
you should focus more on the game instead of taking nonsense screenshots.
Maybe u would have got more then 1 Point.
  Flettnerman (Administrator)
  Sun, 21. October 2018 22:51
gg, well played, but there's was a breakrule ž 2 Basecamping / Baseraping, while jazzy tried to kill oxo bailed on axis base, but hit me right after spawn, there's a screen down below after his IL2 bombing (other green arrown is oxo):
so I insist on -1 penalty point for TnS for that breakrule, hope admin team will decide the right, anyway it was pretty intense and good match at all, thanks for playing!
  sentinel (Administrator)
  Thu, 18. October 2018 12:55
Lets play kursk ctf?
  Lo0ny (Administrator)
  Wed, 17. October 2018 14:47
Maps have been changed
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Wed, 17. October 2018 02:23
Battle of the Bulge for us pls
  sentinel (Administrator)
  Tue, 16. October 2018 21:22
we would like to change our map to kursk
  sentinel (Administrator)
  Sat, 13. October 2018 11:30
Ok Alex. Lets set the maps before wednesday.
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Thu, 11. October 2018 21:28

  Lo0ny (Administrator)
  Tue, 09. October 2018 15:13
Maps hasnt been set in time. If the teams agree, the maps (and date) can be changed
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Thu, 04. October 2018 19:21
LUL. I mean, 21 of Sept. 2018
  sentinel (Administrator)
  Wed, 03. October 2018 21:34
2109th year is too late
  Alex_Stamm (Administrator)
  Wed, 03. October 2018 13:21
Hi, TNS! We'd like to postpone the game to 21/09
Is it possible?
  FearofthedarkHU (Administrator)
  Mon, 27. August 2018 18:42
Tamplier: bocage, wake, el alamein and gazala
TnS: Guadalcanal, Bocage, Market Garden and BFL Berlin



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