6. Matchday   Mon, 14. 12. 2020 - Sun 03. January 2021
League Table (Season 2019/20)        
inVictus by Krawall-Community
Bad Man Clan
Battle of the Bulge
fair opponent, no objection
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WAR date:  
Sun, 10. January 2021 20:30
both maps on server inVictus|
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  BF42-Liga Rules
  Who will win this WAR? - 16 voters
  inVictus| 8
  ¤)ßmÇ(¤ 7
  KarlsoN (Administrator)
  Wed, 13. January 2021 03:30
I will add results today or tomorrow
  Frenemy (¤)ßmÇ(¤)
  Tue, 12. January 2021 22:55
Thx again for the game and sorry for the delay! We worked hard not to postpone the game yet again, and techno worked hard getting ringers in halftime.

Invictus have screens?
  Mitch (Administrator)
  Mon, 11. January 2021 20:56
Look, the comments are meant for organizing the war or documenting brief important information.

If there is a problem with bad/inappropriate behavior then please discuss it in the forum or contact an admin in private. Is it really that difficult to follow???

If you can't even abide that then I'll have to believe that it's not that bad afterall.
  KarlsoN (Administrator)
  Mon, 11. January 2021 17:51
inappropriate Behavior?
We were waiting you for 30 mins before we start and 20 minutes when map was changed.
This is absolutely disrespectful, i was in my bed almost at 3 AM because of your behaviour.
Tell me please, Do i need to respect you, if you not respecting my time?
  Flasche (¤)ßmÇ(¤)
  Mon, 11. January 2021 17:39
Rly Mitch???
  Mitch (Administrator)
  Mon, 11. January 2021 14:32
Chatbox and comment section aren't meant for discussing these kind of things. Please contact an admin or post in the forum instead.
  M@ster (¤)ßmÇ(¤)
  Mon, 11. January 2021 13:51
I know I used to give out a lot myself, but in the last few years I have deliberately become very calm and have changed a lot. Especially since I started streaming on twitch, I'm very careful not to offend. I've always ignored the insults from the last 3 years against me in the wars. however, there is a point where it suffices. What else do we have to offer in 2021? The game should be fun for us, but I don't enjoy being insulted as an emo vegan girl etc. I finally ask to refrain from this shit against my person and again refer to the league rules and would like to draw attention to unsporting behavior such as mocking the opponent

§ 6.0 Bad / inappropriate Behavior

This is a League where bad behavior is not tolerated. Flaming, insulting and other bad behavior at any place of this website and in any way is strictly forbidden and will result in a punishment. It also could lead to an exclusion from the league.
  Flasche (¤)ßmÇ(¤)
  Mon, 11. January 2021 12:50
Gg my Türk Friends
  Volturi (inVictus|)
  Sun, 10. January 2021 23:39
  =RaketenHorst= (inVictus|)
  Sun, 10. January 2021 23:03
.. gg
  Volturi (inVictus|)
  Wed, 06. January 2021 19:20
bulge is good, we never played it this season :P
  =RaketenHorst= (inVictus|)
  Wed, 06. January 2021 18:24
bulge? well .. what else ^^
  Lo0ny (Administrator)
  Mon, 04. January 2021 13:06
u can change your map
  butcherino (Administrator)
  Mon, 04. January 2021 09:10
Can we change the map? before wednesday?
  Lo0ny (Administrator)
  Tue, 29. December 2020 19:18
BMC hasnt accepted in time so the map has been autopicked
  Lo0ny (Administrator)
  Sun, 27. December 2020 23:23
10.1. should be okay Butch
  Lo0ny (Administrator)
  Fri, 25. December 2020 10:17
Will talk to my teammates if 10th works out for us
  butcherino (Administrator)
  Thu, 24. December 2020 08:31
unfortunately we can't play on 3.1 because people are unavailable because of new year...Can we play 10th?
  Lo0ny (Administrator)
  Fri, 18. December 2020 14:28
we would prefer 3.1.2021
  butcherino (Administrator)
  Fri, 18. December 2020 11:06
Hello inVictus, what date you wanna play this match?
  butcherino (Administrator)
  Wed, 16. December 2020 11:47
Bmc mapbans: Caen, Midway and iwo jima.
inVictus mapbans: Aberdeen, Caen and Tobruk



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